How can I prove it?

in #life4 years ago


Without a symbiosis
You said I did not change.
Fly to spread love.
Now you can see everything.
I have no love for myself.
Should I replace you first?
Prove his new loyalty?
If so,
Not me
Back to you

In love
I can see you in silence.
Keep your eyes upright.
Do not you dare
I keep my feelings in silence.
You and I
Only fragments are buried.
Until the end of the story
Two things
I'm afraid to love you.
Love for laila like majnun
I'm afraid to expect you.
Hope for Juliet like Romario
I did not say anything.
Like Ali's silence in Fatima
A faith reunited
In holy love united


Nice poem again dude. Need 2 hours to understand the meaning bout love and relatiopship.

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