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God does not decrease fate just like that. God gives fate according to what we do. If we go forward and try, God will give the fate of success. If we are careless and lazy, then God will give a destiny of failure.

To a fool even if the LORD sends good luck, to a madman even if the LORD gives life fortune. When we look back really we have left behind with people crawling forward. Truly the past is the teacher for us to stare and build the future.

The hardest thing in life is not to go beyond others, but beyond our ego and ourselves. Take pride in yourself, Though some dislike. Sometimes they hate because they can not be like you.

Thorns in the legs are hard to find, especially the thorns in the heart. If anyone saw a thorn in his heart, where might sadness be in power? God creates everything in pairs. There is a right hand, there is a left hand. There is a clever, some stupid. Do not say you never tasted the sweetness of success, do not say you never tasted bitter failure. But let it all like running water and do it best in your daily life.

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