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RE: Making a difference

in #life3 years ago (edited)

mr. cat is mad at you now @cliffpower his flagging your post.

why this cat keeps flagging post. we used our own sbd to bid bots.. it is our freedom rights. it's our freedom. Is it our money right?


I know whats with that guy. I looked at his accounts and he's making alot of money. I wish I could block him somehow. I muted him and the dog but they still flag. I'm not doing anything wrong, Cheers

yes, he's feeling police here at steemit. instead of flagging post. why make himself more productive in the platform and support all minnows just like @surpassinggoogle did.

cheers brother

Yes forsure, I guess we got to get through these sharks to become a whales! lol

yes, I agree with you bro. he likes sharks here in the steemit platform.

his hiding at the back of his/her cat icon.hahahaha..pretending to be nice pussy cat..hahaha

he can't even show his face to the public hahhha..

LOL so funny meow