Happiness is a Choice - Choose it Now!

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The key to happiness is a choice - any choice. Any unhappy people know that they need to decide for themselves that happiness is a choice, and then every day, on purpose, they take that decision and live the life that they truly desire. Unhappy people are often not held hostage by circumstances, and yet they don't seek happiness out of wealth or other people.

People who are happier than others are in the habit of choosing what suits them. They are happy for their own innate reasons, and when they make a choice that satisfies those inner purposes, they feel whole and happy. And, when they choose to experience misery for things beyond their control, they are still happy - because they recognize that what brings them joy is not always going to be available to someone else. The choice to be happy is an intelligent one, because it allows you to enjoy things beyond your ability to do anything about them.

The more intelligently you choose to live your life, the more options you will have available to you. Happiness is not something that happens since you were born, but it is something that is decided for you. No one can decide for you what happiness means for you, since happiness is something that depends on what is happening in your life. However, you can choose to focus on experiences that can give you inner peace, which will make you happy.

The choice to be happy is an intelligent one, but the challenge is when you find yourself in situations where happiness is elusive. If you face this problem with intelligence, you will be able to maintain lasting happiness. You can choose to see the good in everything, to see beauty in small things, to accept yourself as you are, and to be happy with that instead of focusing on what you can change about yourself. In many cases, this requires changing your outlook entirely about life.

Happiness is a decision you make, so if you find that you cannot make this choice, you need to learn how to be happy. Some people have a natural inclination toward happiness, and others work hard to get to that state. There are many people who are extremely happy but they spend all their time complaining about the way they are living. The truth is that most people who complain the most are the unhappy ones who are living a mediocre life or unhappy because of something they did.

It is natural for you to wish to be happy, but since happiness is a choice, it is up to you to choose whether you are going to be happy or not. If you can choose not to be happy, you should, since nothing is more important than how you treat your body and how you feel about yourself. Many people who are happy choose to be positive in every aspect of their lives, and they take pride in the way they look and they love what they do. If you choose to be negative and pessimistic, there is no way on earth that you can be happy, since being happy is a conscious choice you make.

If you choose to be happy, there are many ways you can choose to stay happy. You can choose to be optimistic, you can choose to focus on the good things in life, you can choose to accept that things happen, you can choose to feel grateful for the opportunities that come your way and you can choose to practice gratitude every chance you get. These are all things you should consider when choosing happiness, since happiness is a choice that you make.

In conclusion, happiness is a choice you make, so if you are constantly unhappy, you probably do not live by your values. If you choose to be happy and focus on the good things in life, you can easily reach the happiness set point you desire without making any effort. You do not need to push for happiness, since happiness is already yours for any person to attune with.

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