The Words Make an Impression

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The words of the prophet are not secret; they are not given to understand alone but rather to communicate with all. When we pray or request for something the Lord wants us to speak those very words in a spirit of supplication, just as he said to the church in Acts 15. That's when he said, "Repent, for the remission of your sins. The blessings of heaven will guard you forever." I know that's easier said than done but the sooner you begin to really feel those words come to you the sooner you'll have that renewed confidence in your future and in God.

Many times people say, oh it can't be true, that the prophet is just fabricating words to make himself seem good. They say this is no way to talk to God. Well it's no longer news when a prophet says, Lord, help me, I am a lost and troubled soul and I want the peace, comfort and assurance that you have shown to others. So don't be afraid to use those words of supplication.

One very significant event in Israel happened in the sixth month of Daniel's birth. The child was born in the sixth month and was named Zerubbabel. Some people say that this is when the child learned to read, probably from his father. Some think it was the mother who spoke these very words to her son and others say that she simply repeated the name in her heart as if imploring the child to repeat after her. Either way the event was very significant and something that has been preserved and passed down through many generations of Israelites.

A very interesting account of this occurs in the book of Acts where there is a story about two young men who were sent on different missions by the great evangelist and teacher, Matthew. One was called Zebedee and the other Collebone. They had to travel through Arabia, the Promised land, which is described in the Bible as the land that God promised to his children in the coming of the last age. The two young men became very good friends because of their traveling and they sought out a young boy who lived in a city called Bethlehem, which is located in the land of Israel.

Zebedee asked the young man where he had heard such a name, Zebedee knew that name but he could not remember any more of the name. Collebone went searching for the name of the young man and soon he found it written in a letter which was then brought to the young man's father. The father told Collebone all that had occurred and then he said that the young man lived at this city and that his name was Zebedee. This is the story that the famous evangelist Matthew repeated in the book of Acts.

When Jesus returned to the land of Israel he did not have the funds to build a large building, so he used some of his days work to build this and another for the church. A few years later the Second Temple was built, this is the third and last place that the Holy Temple was built. In order for us to make an impression on the people that visit our worship place we need to be prepared. The elders that live in Jerusalem know that the stones are silent and they do not speak the words that we use, but the people that enter the temple can hear and change their lives.

The elders that lead the church in the Holy Land make sure that when we are called by Jesus we must not be worried, we need to make an impression on them. If we go up to the Lord with humility we will be able to have an immediate impression on him. It is important to be humble because if we go up to the Lord with pride and without humility he will see us as presumptuous. We need to be humble before the Lord and ask him for His favor so that we can be prosperous in all that we do.

The elders that live in Jerusalem always tell the people that the Word of the Lord will be given to the people according to what they can bear. They also say that God will not judge harshly but will show favor and mercy on each person that will come to the throne of God. Some people that go up to the elders have a concern that they might not be believed, but if we are prepared then we will have the confidence to enter into the presence of God. The words that the elders use when they give the Word of God to the people are always true, therefore it is important to follow the example of those that are older than us.