Parent Parking! Not a parent, it’s not for you!!!

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I would like to apologise in advance for the rant ahead. But I am just so over rude people! What happened to common curtesy. What happened to respecting the rules, even if when you break them there are no penalties. They are there for a reason people.


In the last month alone I have gone to my local grocery store, with my girls, only to find all the parking spots reserved for parents with prams full. Now this wouldn’t bother me so much if they were being used by other parents. First in first served so to speak.

No, I’m talking about the fact that 3 out of the 4 cars parked in the parents with prams section didn’t even have a baby seat in them. What were these people thinking? They obviously didn’t have any babies with them, why take that park? I will tell you why! People are selfish!

For some reason, people think the rules don’t apply to them. There is no penalty for parking in these spots, unlike disabled parking, where you will cop a hefty fine for parking illegally. When it comes to parents parking spots, there is nothing. It needs to change.

I wonder if these people just don’t understand how difficult it can be to go shopping with little ones. Do they not realise that trying to push a trolley filled with groceries and a baby is challenging. Then add a toddler to the equation.

Now your trying to manage a trolley and hold your toddlers hand so they don’t get run over. What if you have more than one small child. While I know not everyone has as many children as I do, but that’s the point, those spots are there for parents, who like me, need to be as close to the entrance as possible. Not just for convenience, it’s for safety!!!


Trying to get in and out of the car and into the shops safely is an absolute mission. Even if I get a trolley on the way in or use my pram, that still leaves me with 2 small children to try and hold onto as we make our way into the shops. Yes, sometimes I have the help of Master 10 and Miss 13, but they are not always with me.

It just blows my mind that people would be so inconsiderate. It makes me even more furious when I see a parent park in the parents with prams parking only to get out of their car and their children are not with them. They seem to think that he empty car seat is a permission slip to break the rules.

What about bad weather? Do these people who seem to think it’s ok to take a close spot away from a parent and child change their opinion when the weather is bad? Do they move on and let the mother with the tiny new baby have that priority park so her infant doesn’t get soaking wet?

What I want to know is why there is no penalty. Why can you expect a fine for $600 plus if you park in a disabled spot, but park in parents spot and there are no consequences at all.

I simply just don’t understand, maybe if there were some penalties involved people would think twice before taking a parent spot. Maybe if there were more signs and advertising about parents parking, people would pay more attention.

As always thanks for reading!


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Oh no need to apologize

It's the same here in Canada, crazy

Here her spot isn't just for parents with little kids but also pregnant lady, and you'd be so surprised when then driver return to the car and they are neither pregnant, with babies, but a guy 🤦....and young ones even.

I feel you. I was pregnant, I was with little ones, and we had to park. Not to mention in winter when it could get -42 C, that's very very very super rude 🤦

We had to park far•

I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be in weather like that. The worst we get here in Australia is the odd storm or a boiling hot day. That alone is crazy when you have to walk carrying babies and toddlers and a trolley load. It would be so much more difficult in snow and freezing temperatures.

This is so frustrating and unfair, the number of greedy, selfish and unbothered people are so much in our community, people who think they have it all. They definitely don’t have a child why there’s no baby’s sit so they don’t know how difficult it could be with a kid to look after at the shopping mall. A penalty must induced maybe then the lawless ones would come to order

Exactly, a penalty would make a difference!

It just blows my mind that people would be so inconsiderate. It makes me even more furious when I see a parent park in the parents with prams parking only to get out of their car and their children are not with them. They seem to think that the empty car seat is a permission slip to break the rules.

People can be very annoying jeez, but do you know what is worse, people who would be outright wrong but still claim right. I guess this is due to the fact that there are not enough penalties, i dont know why people will not behave properly until there is a penalty to face, but i wonder more, do people even know the meaning of the sign, ignorance is not an excuse, not at the expense of the comfort of a nursing mother or anything at all, im really sorry for the inconvenience you might have gone through

That’s right, ignorance is not an excuse. Neither are some of the most ridiculous reasons I have heard from people either. I actually read an article on kidsspot the other day written by a mother who admitted to using these spots without her kids and thinks it’s no big deal, however halfway through the article she was explaining that whilst backing into the parent spot she was thinking of an excuse to give anyone who may question what she was doing! Here’s a clue, if you have to make up an excuse for your actions, you shouldn’t be doing it!! Simple.
Thanks for your comment.

Why apologize
Everyone must respect the traffic law
And to stand in a place reserved for him
Until we become an advanced country

Unfortunately it’s not law, I think that’s why so many people think they are entitled to park there.

There are so many selfish and ignorant people out there that can't be bothered to think about the people that those spots are designed for. There should be someone watching to hand out tickets to those people.

If only it were illegal, I think it sucks that we have to make so many things a matter for the law, but when people can’t abide by the rules on their own it seems we have no choice.

It just happens that people like to have things their way no matter what the inconveniences are for the other people. The scenario that often annoy me is when I drive into a park and find no space but a tiny one that has been occupied by a wrongly parked car that probably cuts across the two spaces.
I’m like ‘how do I squeeze myself in’

Oh that drives me crazy, if I can fit my massive van in a single car space, people should learn how to park their regular size sedans!!!

@mumofmany Spot On.

Happens to the Parking Spots for Disability as well. Like what????

I would rant as well. 😊👍🏻👍🏻

That infuriates me even more. As difficult as it is I can manage if I miss out on a parent spot, but people with disabilities who need the extra space and close access! Their is absolutely no excuse for parking in their spots.