The Kind Of Coconut

in #life3 years ago

Hallo Assalamu'alaikum all steemian friends, how are you? I hope you guys in healthy. Today I will write and share the picture type of coconut in Aceh. Here I will show you two types of coconuts.

1.Green Coconut (Kelapa Hijau)

Green coconut is the usual type of coconut that we often find in the yard of the house and at the cafe business in the beach and city coach. The green coconut tree has a green leafy character of green fruits and sometimes we find this tree is higher sometimes there is also a low, green coconut is very easy to find in coastal areas. Water and coconut meat is very sweet and also has considerable benefits for health, especially to replace the body ions that are experiencing fatigue during work and exercise.

2.Yellow Coconut (Kelapa Gading)

The yellow coconut has a different characteristic from the green coconut, it can be seen directly from the yellow colored branches until the fruit is also yellow except leaves and trees that remain the same as the green coconut tree. Not much different from the green coconut, coconut ivory or yellow coconut also has excellent benefits for health, especially to overcome the loss of ion in the body, even coconut is almost the same as NaCl (infusion).