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Can we define success on a neurological level? Most people see success as something tangible, something you can touch, or show off with. But this is actually not the case.

Our brains are wired in a very sophisticated way. They fire off neurons which sends an electrical impulse to another neuron, so on so forth. This goes incredible fast and millions of neurons interact with each other.  

With this said whenever you feel appreciated, accepted by a group or get an honest genuine complement neurons fire and they release neuro chemicals called dopamine oxytocine or endorfines etcetera.  These neuro chemical impulses give you that feeling, that buzz we all like. Which translates to you feeling confident, accepted and joyful. 

But this experience is purely based on those chemicals in your brain firing, just something that happens in your brain, not something external. The external world can only influence that what happens in your mind, but also that is based on how you interpret these external situations. 

Neurochemical processes in daily life and how we feel connected 

Based on these assumptions we can narrow down where happiness and fulfilment comes from. And how to reach those goals. Its simply not money but it´s the acceptance of others. Because these social situations are what releases these neuro chemical’s that we love to feel. 

Also we seem to look how other people are different from us. How they are uglier, worse or more stupid than us. But this has an negative effect on us and the people around you. No one likes a person who is always thrash talking other’s. It’s better to focus on how other people are similar to you, whenever you feel another person has the same arguments or thoughts as you have, you feel a form joy because you connected with another. 

Focusing on this makes you build positive relationships.  So essentially success in life does not lay in all those material stuff but in how we relate ourselves to each other. Okay we might feel a little better when we come to a party driving in the newest car. But that satisfaction is purely based on how other people might react to it. So it´s not the car that does the job. It´s the way people react to your appearance which translates to you feeling looked up to.  

Emotions are contagious. How we affect each other’s feelings. 

Lets have a classic example of how a cycle of emotions this can happen throughout an ordinary day: At work you happen to have had an argument with a co-worker about something ridiculous and this personally offended you. There builds up a little tension on your general mood because of this argument. 

You are happy to go back home and you cycle back through busy streets in the city. A car driver nearly runs you over and you are initially struck by fear, your emotional brain is kicking in and you responses are now based on your emotional state and you begin to act very impulsive in this state of mind. The car driver looks out of his window and reacts in an aggressive manner to you, calling you names and making offensive gestures. At this point most people don’t have the emotional control and handle the situation adequately. Now you feel your justified to react agressively aswell. 

You are reaching to a peak emotional state and you have to calm yourself down. Now that you are almost at home you feel like you need something positive, you want to tell what happened today to a friend or lover. You are searching for atleast someone who agrees to you that the driver was an asshol and your co-worker a bitch. 

Just to know that how you reacted is justified and correct. But! That is not the case now because you come home and  your friend didn’t do the dishes in the kitchen and you take all that emotional baggage’s and overreact to your friend about him or her not doing the dishes. Now for this negative emotional cycle to break its up to the reaction of the friend on his skills to understand why you overreact and why you feel that way.
In most cases the other isn’t emotionally resillient enough to break this negative pattern but instead also kicks into defence mode and starts to argue about you overreacting about a few dishes. 

What I try to illustrate with this story is that you can learn more emotional self-control when you carefully reflect on how and why you feel a certain way, then actively steer towards a more positive state of mind. When you have more control over your emotional state of mind, you will function better at tasks, build stronger relationships and give you an overall better feeling about yourself. 

When you have more control over your own state of mind, you can also influence other people’s emotions. As an example: while they have a heated argument and you intervene. Because if you dont do that they end up having a fight verbally and it will ruin the whole atmosphere for the group. 

I would argue that this sort of self-controlling behaviour falls under emotional intelligence which you don’t learn in a school, which is a shame. I feel it’s a very undervalued skill in our society. A key to success in life is learning this ability.  By knowing how important our emotional state of mind is in certain situations we can also use this for building more positive relationships with others. 

Say you are going out with friends to a bar. But there is no live band, bad music and boring people etcetera to entertain the group. Everybody is in a very neutral state and isn’t really having fun. And “going out with friends” is considered to be something that is fun.  At this point you can uplift the whole “group’s state of mind” by actively putting yourself in the situation wherein you become the entertainer. Showing more joy, talking to others moving to a more active and positive place in the bar/ club or something. Just break the pattern of everyone’s perspective of the evening. Take the initiative, invest time and energy in the person of the group that feels the most negative. 

Once you’ve turned his state of mind, others will follow. At this point you can sometimes see a positive feedback loop, wherein everyone affects each other’s emotions positively the whole evening.  So whenever you exert this trait people pick up on this and see you as a more sociable and fun person to have around. People want to hang out with you more and you start having stronger relations with people. As you evolve, your social skills increase and you're having a positive impact on yourself and others arround you. This is in my mind the key to succes.

The body and mind connection, how your body influences your state of mind

 So we have talked about controlling your state of mind, but how do we do this? Well there are a lot of ways to do this. And one of that is just the state of your body, or better said how you move and posture your body. This is a very broad topic which can spin off to body language. But let’s keep it brief and on topic.  

What a fact is on your body and mind connection is that. Whenever you sit confident you are going to feel confident. Whenever you feel confident, you are going to sit confident. So your thoughts have influence on your body and your posture has influence on your thoughts. This is something to keep in mind if you want to have more control on your state of mind.  

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. - Napoleon Hill

The brain doesn’t see the difference between you forcefully sitting confident or if you are naturally sitting confident. Also whenever you posture yourself in a confident matter people are going to react to you as if you are confident and treat you that way, and so the positive feedback loop begins again.  

So, say you have a job interview but you are not feeling really confident from the inside. The meeting is starting but you just forcefully posture your tone in voice and your bodies movement to confidence you wil feel that way. At this point neuro chemicals start to do their job. The interviewer also perceives you as confident and treats you that way. Gradually you are going to feel more confident and you come across as a way more suitable person for the job.  

If you didn’t turn your state of mind around and just went into the room with an unconfident voice, shoulders down and a less positive posture the end result would probably be different.  So this is a way to alter your state of mind in a more positive way. I could go on about these topics for ages and feel I should elaborate more but this was just a brief introduction about how to own more in life. Trying to define success in a more suitable and more true way.  

I’d like to know your thoughts about these topics I just described and if you would like to see more, I could go more in depth and describe things more concrete. This is just the surface of what I think are very important skills and rules people should act more on, rather than just impulsively following every state of mind your outside world projects on you. 

Especially in our society where we are bombarded with massive amounts of information on a day to day basis. 

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day! 


Beautiful .. For more creativity and good work
From here we know that happiness comes from inside of us and as a result of our work, scientifically and instinctively
Thank you for your words

Thank you for your comment, it indeed emerges from how we perceive the world! :)

Thank you so much @mysted for this helpful and great post, as you explained in detailed how does it work :)

Also, in my opinion, one of the most important reasons for success is working smart not hard as it's one of the ways people can gain success easily by knowing and understanding your business type and its requirements unlike spending many and many hours effectively.

Also, Patience is so required for success.
Once people have the best mindset and positive emotions and understand the business environment, they need to be patient to build up their business and it takes some time to start gaining good results.

Thank you again for points above as you referred to some important points, I didn't know before, especially the posture one :)
and for usiing simple images to show the idea :D

Yeah I totally agree. If you start a business what keeps you going is your positive mindset about the idea. Whenever you don´t get the results it´s really hard to keep that mindset, because others and yourself will doubt the idea.

Thanks for reading my post!

Nice info man i am really interested in this article read from start to end. keep it up

Couldn't agree more, to me its all about working smarter not harder and creating time freedom in my life.

I think the only thing that really works to be successful is to work hard at it and of course u need some luck along the way :))

Amazing post!! Followed!


Excellent article. I've been thinking about how to help my daughter who struggles with aspergers, not connecting with others, not feeling valued. I want to help, but at times I feel myself being brought into a state of depression almost as it seems nothing helps. And on top of it, we still have to get through difficult parts of the day, chores, math, etc. Ican't reason through it with her, but likely because she's in another brain state. Any extra thoughts you have on this are appreciated.

Thats a very difficult task as a mother. I wouldn,t know what to do. But evaluating what makes her happy on a day to day basis and cherish and support that might be a start. Im not an expert on it but just showing love and affecting and treating her like anyone else wont alienate her I think. I wish the best and luck.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about it.

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Very cool post! I like how your positive energy and attitudes can influence other. It's interesting that all happiness from success is stimulated by external things but ultimately happening internally. The brain and our emotions are very fascinating. This post was very informational. Keep it up :)

Thanks for the great response! It surely is fascinating, I am writing more about the topic :)

Human body is complex, many interactions, not like a simple machine

I really liked this part of the post:

So your thoughts have influence on your body and your posture has influence on your thoughts.

Because that's so true! I'm a medicine student and a lot of my teachers always tell us to have this in mind when it comes treating with a pacient, because, believe it or not, this actually have an influence in sickness. Like it says in the image you put in the post: A good mood can boost your inmune system, but in the other case, a bad mood can make the sickness get worst, that's why when someones is going throught some serious pathology doctors highly recommend to go to a psicologyst, to help them to go throught the sickness in an easier way. Really, really good post; I liked a lot, greetings!

Yeah I also read alot about the microbiology and how they behave differently to certain environments. By doctor Bruce Lipton. It´s a field of medicine wich may be very valuable if we just know more about it.

Thank you and im glad you liked the post! :)


What a nice and thought provoking post.

It's interesting that you comment on "Also we seem to look how other people are different from us" - we naturally compare, but more so what we see in others is always within ourselves; be it a good emotion or a bad emotion. For me the point is about owning our emotions and learning how to react to external forces and conditions like your colleague comment. We can take on their issues (emotions / thoughts / feelings / behaviours / attitudes) or we can choose to leave them with them.

Loved the comments on posture, which suggested body-language too - as we only communicate 7% verbally and as much as 55% in body language! How we sit has to affect how we feel emotionally.

Thanks for getting my thinking going this evening - great use of images too! DJ

Thanks @zoedj, when I learned most of this stuff and made practical use of it in my daily life. I truly changed and felt more mature. Especially when I was able to control my emotions in though situations where if I had given in with it.. it wouldn't have ended up pretty. (like having a heated argument with family). Its for the benefit of yourself and others to just calmly adress how you feel about a certain situation and explain what you think rationally.

Thanks for reading! :)

Thanks for your reply and insight, it's great to hear how well it's served you! #Keepgoing

Kindest, DJ

Summary: Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up and think positively.

Well written @mysted. My contribution is based from a management point of view. Success deal more with intrinsic benefit derived from a set of activities.

The factors contributing to success on a individual level are psychological traits inherent in a person. Happiness, passion and devotion towards what you do contribute greatly to success.

Other factors that contribute to success are drive, desire, self esteem, self efficacy, conscientiousness and other personal traits characterizing an individual.

Success is not an act but a habit. “Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey

Haha, I also made a post about habits that can bring you succes in achieving certain goals in life. But these are definetely traits that will help you climb up the social economical ladder. To become a productive member of society.

A thought that I wanted to provoke to readers was, to redefine succes. It´s obviously just in what kind of context you put the word. But how you could see succes in an other matter. What really is important for us humans in our time we spend in this world. Kinda to ponder it in a philosofical sense.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed ;)

Oke banget gambar bos

I take that as a compliment!

An interesting take on fooling the brain into sending the success chemicals. Now you make me wonder what role this plays in those who believe in the Law of Attraction. I have believed since I was young in the power of images/internal dialogue, usually watching myself at times as I fall asleep into visualizing winning scenarios. But that is as far as I have gone in this direction.

Your observations fall into line with my current understanding of alchemy (not the popular transmuting gold, but the real one about changing oneself). Thank you for sharing, and will be revisiting this post again when my mind is more awake to let what you are saying sink in better.

I like the "law of attraction" but I dont think the definition is right. Because it seems to suggest that sending out positive energy and you will get it 100% back. Thats in my opinion not the case in every situation.

You could live in an environment where its hard to get positivity back from your social group. So the law of attraction just does not apply to every situations. I'd rather see it as "if you behave positively in your environment chances of you getting positive responses increases" and in this manner you construct a better environment for yourself and others.

Thanks for reading my post though :)

Because it seems to suggest that sending out positive energy and you will get it 100% back. Thats in my opinion not the case in every situation.

I agree so much with this. I love many of the people who say they are lightworkers, but the one place I always found disagreement with them was over their idea we bring all our experiences to ourselves. That belief refuses the idea that outside forces have their own free will that can act upon one contrary to what one would want. I look forward to your future posts. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I notice that doesn't happen a lot in the short time I have been on Steemit.

For me the topic about "free will" and the amount of percentage we have is purely based on the individual its self. Some have more than the other its based on how you react to impulses and how many impulses you conciously respond to. Thats not much :p

The platform has alot of room to grow in my opinion. Not much quality content and people forcing dishonest responses to posts. But I see more better authors coming ;)

I like to read about this, and how the human mind works. Thanks for sharing, great post

Thanks, I really like it too as you can see! ;)

Great thought about #life

Thanks yo

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Thanks bro D:

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i'm new in steemit

This also help develop low self esteem I guess. Been around negative people kills one mentally, that’s why there is a great saying “ show me your friends and I would tell you who you are “ .
Thank you great article

Haha, thats a great saying never heard of it. But indeed you can derive alot of information out of that, because mostly people choose their friends ;)

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Hi @mysted nice work and learned soo much. Continue the greatwork .
Would expect more. Plss like my works aswell and follow back plsss. It would surely be of help

Thanks for the compliment.

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Wow, that's just an amazing way to make use of this platform. I definetely going to follow :o And read your stories when I have the time!

Thanks for replying :)

@mysted hey really you had shared such a great post it will help so much really impressed by this post.

That's great, good that you liked it :)

Very well written article, it is posts like this that make me love #Steemit even more. In regard to your post, you did a great job at illustrating how the brain influences our every experience. What we think is what we receive, it is easy to read about this concept in an article, but its extremely difficult to implement in real life. In my own life, I always try to be aware of what thoughts go through my mind, especially when something bad or annoying happens. By doing this, I make it so I am in control of the end result of the circumstance. I may not be able to control what happens to me, but I certainly am in control of how I react to it. So I choose love every time, peace is king! Especially when someone comes at you with anger and rage.

Thanks for the compliment m8! It's good to see someone enjoy my post :)

Thank you for this well thought out post! I really related it to it when you talked about going on interviews. Just graduated and I am doing just that at the moment and it's nerve racking.

Haha, yeah it can be really though! Try looking up some channels on youtube how to get better at it in terms of body language or your tone in your voice. For me, stuff like that helped me through college because I sucked really hard at presentations, like super shy and boring speaking. Then I learned it from youtube and teachers loved it.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a good day! :D

This is a well written, informative and interestingly written post. I really like how you put how the mind effects the body and the other way around and also put examples to support your sayings. I was a bit sceptical before reading your post if I’m honest. But I’ll follow you and would love if you write more about topics like this! Have a great week!

Thank you, in my opinion I could have explained certain topics a bit better. But the problem was that I took a too broad approach. I should have made them seperately and focus more in going deeper in the topic. I will post more certainly and i'll follow you to ;)

I like to read about this, and how the human mind works. Thanks for sharing, great post

Thanks for reading. Will be making more in the coming weeks! :)

@mysted This is very interesting. Currently I feel drained with so many things to do. Great article for some peace of mind!

Drained? you might be interested in my post about the Miracle Morning haha. I always use that technique when I need to perform high during the day. Thanks for reading while feeling drained hehe ;)

@mysted Read ur miracle morning!! Tried to resteem but no avail. Great post!!😬😂 I am steemit newbie.. still exploring..

Great, it helped me alot! :D thanks for reading :)

This is such a good read! Very interesting.

Thanks @jacksongroves, like your travelling aswell! Keep it up :D

Success is having health, not living in a very poor country, having people that love you and you in return, not valuing superficial things, and helping people who have less than you..................and if you're lucky , having a pet.

Hahah and having a pet ;) I surely agree on that. Btw on "not living in a poor country": I once saw a documentary about ( the happiest community on the world ) and they live in a poor country with little to nothing.

They just can't compare their own environment with ours so they just live in they happy bubble. They don't see them selves as poor cause they have no reference point for it.
They just have each other and great relationships and a healthy group feeling.

Was pretty interesting to see! Thanks for reading

Well said I agree with that money isn't everything and that you can be even happier with less and that in the richest countries the values are more superficial, but I also believe that in the poorest countries they need more basic and better infrastructure, hospital's, housing, education, drinking water etcetera, and by doing that I'm sure they would be even happier.

Un saludo amigo.

totally agree on that they need a better lifelyhood

Much obliged to you such a great amount of @mysted for this supportive and extraordinary post. We as a whole try to do, be, and have awesome things. However a large portion of us essentially haven't made the fruitful life we need, yet.

We whine that we don't have enough cash, sentiment, achievement or happiness in our lives. We point fingers and fault outside issues that "happen" to us and make life more troublesome. However, what we have to comprehend and keep at the bleeding edge of our psyches is that significance exists within each one of us. It is basically up to us to haul it out of ourselves.

Notwithstanding individual conditions, financial atmospheres, and access to assets, it keeps up confidence in the way that we each are more intense than we might suspect. We as a whole can make the life we need. We simply need to figure out how to do it.

Very interesting comment, I like how you state that significance exists within each of us. It reminds me on a thought I had years ago, wether life is meaningful or not. Someone said it just is not from a scientific point of few.

But I disagreed and said it's neither of it. It depends purely on the reality an individual creates. It's just an beliefsystem wich we can change. Mostly when a person says life is meaningless, is just because it suits his state of mind at that time. It can change just by changing your belief. It resides in the psyche of the individual.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment! :)

u r more than welcome @mysted

Really admirable post! Got to know many things which i was unfamiliar about. i want to ask that many of use know what is good thing to do and what should not be done, still we chase for wrong things that lead eventually to bad circumstances. Can we actually control our brain and heart from the things that are harmful for us? No doubt there are many things like meditation, medications but what should a person do when these kind of things are not in control in-spite of meditation and medication?

Whenever a person is incapable of self reflecting, planning or making decision based multiple perspectives. Actually just accessing the higher functions of the brain wich resides mostly in the prefrontal cortex, it gets pretty hard to learn more selfcontrol.

So probably not every human being can use these things that I mentioned in my writtings. But the average person can.

Thank you very much for this post. I too am really interested in mindset and how the brain works. I found that your post was a good reminder for me to be more mindful and also that I can have more control over my life and emotions. Having a physical disability leads me to often forget how powerful I actually am. I will be checking out your other stuff, and will definitely follow you. And I upvoted this post. P.S. You have sparked a desire to pick up and read my book I have on neuroplasticity called "The Brain That Changes Itself". Have you heard of it? :) Thanks again! :)

Never heard of the book, but neuroplasticity ofcourse! I read about it years ago when a friend gave me a book about neurobiology and been interested in the brain ever since ;)
Great that I sparked your desire ! Haha ill follow you aswel! :)

Thanks, man! What is the name of the book that your friend gave to you? Here's a picture of the book I was talking about if you want to check it out. :)


It's a dutch book called, "we are our brain". don't know if it is in english as well hehe :P

Thanks, I'll look it up. :)

@mysted This is by far one of the best explanations and detailed post on such topic. Thank you for sharing :D - @splendorhub

Thanks for the compliment ill be sharing more! :)


I absolutely love this post! Finally, science behind everything I stand for! A well written and educated article. Thank you so much for your time :) Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for reading my post! I will probably be writing daily, starting on stories about social intelligence #followu ;)

I've learned a lot in this post. Full of positivity in this post.
I also remember this line:

" The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act."

Thanks for sharing!

Yes! it´s such an important phenomenon and so true and powerful. Thanks for reading!

Success is having everything: clear mind, wealth, health, love, intelligence education!!!! Simple! ... if you have health but not wealth or you have wealth but not health you are not successful

inspirational and very informative post.thanks

Thank you for reading! Will come with more arround these topics!

will be waiting

Thanks for this great post:) I've actually used this trick in my first job interview - I was feeling nervous so I just went to the bathroom and "power posed" for 30 seconds. came out much more confident.
I think that using our body to trick our mind into feeling happier and more confident is great for a short term "fix", but for long term happiness, we just have to combine it with the internal work of knowing and loving ourselves.

Hahah funny to hear this, cool that it worked aswell! But you are totally right on that. This only isn't the way ofcourse, but intergrating these habits will eventually make a difference! Thanks for taking the time to read :)

"What a fact is on your body and mind connection is that. Whenever you sit confident you are going to feel confident. Whenever you feel confident, you are going to sit confident." This is so true!

You have here a great article!




Yeah what you think and how you feel go hand in hand. It has a mirroring effect it was for me pretty cool to learn. Especially when you go back in your memory and bring up situations you encountered where it was pretty clear.

Thanks for taking the time to read m8! :)

Always here to help, even I'm still a newbie here. I know how our bodies can still be affect with low self esteem and how that is related to the mind. We all have history right? We are here to learn even more :)

Thank you for your reply ^^

Your explanation is centered on biology, but that is a long way from the factors that create success. Attitudes of the mind are both psychological and spiritual. When these promptings of the mind are translated into physical action it could produce positive or negative results. The capacity to produce predominantly positive results is what makes some people more successful than others.

Im defining succes on a neurological level. You can say that succes is having a working business where you force sales and make a lot of money.

But im taking a phylosofical point of view about what succes is. Succes in this writing is actually just the sensation of feeling joyfull, acceptated or even euphoria. How this evolves from your interactions on day to day basis. Taking away the focus of our cultural belief of what succes is.

Just to make readers think about how they could see succes and have more worthwhile life and how they could think differently.

Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment! Have great day :)

@mysted I love this! I have recently been looking into what truly brings us joy and what we perceive as success. I found out that it indeed is based upon our relationships with others, how we communicate and the kind of society we are associated with.

Something interesting I read was that our success is also dependent on how we perceive ourselves. If we have low confidence or think we are not capable or deserving of success then we won't achieve it because we won't associate with others in that way. Alternatively if we truly believe we deserve it and are capable of it, we will associate with others who are on the same journey as us, who believe in us and who can help us get it. Opportunities will present themselves so you achieve just that.

Thank you for an interesting read :)

Great comment, it indeed has to do with how we perceive ourselves and how we compare. Thank you for reading, will be making more about this topic. :)

Thanks for sharing this information.

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Amazing view on life, awesome article. :)

I did not know that .

Great thought about #life

Really great article!
Have a good day :-)

really good post

yes success in live is free you just need to motivate yourself to get into the idea

good post brother, I invite you to know my blog

Very interesting and useful article...
The road to success and the road to failure are exactly the same,I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

That is certainly true!

the first step for be a successfull person start with the actitud changement here stars a liberation of endorfins in our brain let us keeping keep in this state, remember one thing the real succes is not do what you want if not want what you do!

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Awesome post, it's Really educative

really helpful post. thanks for share.

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Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

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There is no such thing as easy in this life.
All require effort...

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Very useful post dear @mysted

Thanks m8