This Will make you feel fantastic, if you try!

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The early bird catches the worm.  

Said as advice to someone, that they will have an advantage if they do something immediately  This Phrase is so true in live! 

A year ago I found out about a routine called the Miracle Morning and I read about how important the morning is if you want to have a productive day. It promised me that this was the best thing you could do, if you want to start achieving your goals and get the most out of your life! 

An important sentence in the book was: Do you want to be mediocre throughout your whole life? Or do you want the get the most out of it and experience how extraordinary you can be!

This one sentence motivated me to start out doing all the things I wanted to do and with full confidence. 

Miracle Morning Routine

If you want to read about the Miracle Morning Routine checkout my other post: 

Some highly succesful people 

Starbucks President Michelle Gaas sets her alarm at 4:30 AM to go running.
Gretchen Ruben wakes up at 6:00 AM and works for an hour before his family wakes up to focus on important things before the day starts. He a popular author of 'The Happines Project". Also time-manager expert Laura Vanderkam talks about how important the morning is in her book: 'What The Most Succesful People Do Before Breakfast".

Even Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla seemed to be early risers and we all know what they did for our world! 

Ben Franklin's old saying Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 

Already getting eager to try it out?  

A little list of benifits of early rising: 

  1. It helps you deal with negativity. 
  2. Enhances your chances of succes. 
  3.  Morning people are more persisten, cooperative, agreeable, conscientious and proactive.
  4. Reduces stress and makes you happier. 
  5. Procrastinate less. 
  6. Better mental health.
  7. Waking up early improves your quality of sleep.

 Oh man.. I could go on and on with this list, but lets stop it here. We got the point dont we? :) 

Why do I want you to try it out? 

So.. you must think. Mate.. are you selling me a book or why are you pushing this?

 Well, it's because I would really want to see other people do it and see them feel the experience themselves. At first I was sceptical about this whole early morning thing. Especially that book 'Miracle Morning". I first heard about from my brother he was doing the routine for a half year. 

That really impressed me because he was always pretty lazy and not ambitious.  Using the Miracle Morning routine he managed to get from a lowly paid job, to a fairly decent salary within a year time. Almost doubling it.  Eventually he told me I had to give the Miracle Morning a try. 

At first I was a bit defensive and sceptical about the whole matter. But hey.. he managed to get things done and I saw a big improvement in him. So why shouldn't I do it. 

How I started 

I was the worst person to be able to start with this routine, because mostly I was up till late at night and couldn't skip a night at the bar. 

Or.. maybe a glass of whisky while watching my favorite series. But I started off and it was terrible! I used to wake up at 10 or 11 in the morning. That's super late ofcourse! And now I had to wake up at 6:00AM! 

This was pretty hard for me so in the first week I Managed to do it a few days woke up at 8 the next day 7:30 and another day in that week at 7:00. How lame this must sound, but I was pretty amazed already. Waking up fit at 6:00 still seemed abit extreme.. but that was about to change. 

After the weekend, having some rough social conventions ofcourse (like partying). Now it was sunday and I was mentally prepping for this. At this time I was pretty stoked about starting it and wanted to wake up early at 6:00 to do the routine. I managed to pull it off and I was getting more and more enthusiastic about it. 

My inspirational moment 

At the end of the second week I woke up at 5:00 and went running for like 10 kilometers through the forest. It was still dark and I had this amazing adventurous feeling.
The forest and the lake had a little spooky vibe but also very mysterious.
And me.. what was I doing here, having a morning run at this time, I must be crazy! But no. It was taking life head on!

At that time I was looking over the lake, it had a little fog above it and in the distance over the lake I could see the city of Rotterdam. Everyone still being asleep.
That was a moment wich gave me a very powerful feeling. A state of mind in wich you are ready to start anything without fear. 

Because of this feeling I knew this routine was working. That changing yourself is possible. That you can be the architect of your own life. It is possible to take matters into your own hands. It's just a matter of choice. Does life run you? or do you run your life?  

The Actual place in Rotterdam where I was running  


I hope this story was helpfull for you and that I might have inspired you to take life head on! And be the best version of yourself. Because it's really helpful, beneficial and fun to do this.

The experience I went through practising this made me alot more active, fit, healthy, confident and happier person. I couldn't do it without the routine! So I hope you enjoyed reading and have an Amazing day!    


Good article and enthusiastic points in your post.
One thing for early rising, all stress and physical rest to be guaranteed.
Take care and enough rest. Thanks...

Thanks @bigman70, hope I made you into an early bird aswell ;) (Although the night is awesome aswell)
Both have their charm!

Helpful indeed! I'm not a morning person but every time I wake up early to go out for a run, I really appreciate and enjoy it. I love the chirping of birds, the sliver of sunlight breaking, and the watching the hustling and bustling of people going to work. I am practicing to make it a routine now.

Cool to hear you feel the same. For me I always fantasized about waking up early going for a run and meditate. But I couldn't help but stay up till late to just.. game or lie in bed thinking about random stuff. This really helped me out of that!
Thanks for reading! :)

I feel so much better when I follow my morning routine.

I wake up about 430-500am. I use a sleep tracking App called Sleep Cycle.

I then have another goals tracking app called Way of Life.

This has a list of 10 things I do that day. From workouts, stretching, meditation, brain training games, and a few more.

On the list are things that if done on a regular basis will put me into an unstoppable mindset.

The more I get done in the morning the better.

The ones I'll do in the morning are the meditation, workout, stretch, and another one called state change.

If you look on YouTube and search Tony Robbins State Change, you'll learn about putting yourself into a peak state.

My whole morning routine is based around putting myself into the highest peak state a study possible so I can achieve awesome things.

When I don't do my morning routine, my mornings are flat and my days are flat.

Hope this helps anyone reading!

Do a successful morning routine, you'll love it.

Wow, cool respone. With what does the Sleep Cycle app help you? And whaaat is that state change xD going to check it out. Good to see someone else being activaly aware about how this can change your mood! :)

Sleep Cycle allows me to add things in my day. Whether I drank a coffee that day, stretched, meditated and so on.

Before I sleep, I check off all the things I did.

Over time it will spit out what seems to be helping with your sleep and what does not.

I only sleep about 6-7 hours a night but it's really good sleep.

It also awakens you at your most awake time. Which is why I say I wake up between 430-500am.

It will wait until I'm out of a deep sleep before waking me up.

State change can be all kinds of things.

This video is the exact video I do 3x in the morning.

I do it three times because the more you do it, the better. But even if you start at once, you're still way ahead of most people.

I went to a tony Robbins event last year, I also wrote about it on Steem as well.

I've been following the guy for many years and I still always use the things he teaches.


Great post! I'm with you. I have to confess that morning routine have change my life. Each people have different routines (just like me), but that’s not matter, what’s matter is to be consequence in decision that’s a source of inside power :) I believe in that quote: " your morning routine generates a 10x return for good or for bad. Make your choice". 😉

Nice to hear someone else experienced abit of the same! ;) Totally agree on the inside power. I used to be very impulse driven but now, I am able to take a step back look at the situation and then act. Probably because of my brain evolving :P

Hey great article I can just rely to as I am an "early bird catcher" since years also! and like you say:.." this made me alot more active, fit, healthy, confident and happier person. I couldn't do it without the routine! ..." it makes you a different person! It's like a secret that if you know, you wonder why you didn't knew before :-) Thanks I am following you now and gave you an upvote. looking forward to connect here on Steemit.

Thanks for reading! Good to see im not the only one that thinks this way. Have a great day and relaxing early mornings :)

This is absolutely true..
the person who takes the earliest opportunity to do something will gain yhe advantage over others

so very true, its very important to get every morning off to a great start!

even if that means waking up early :)

Definetely! It begins by making up your bed. So on so forth.

Read the post, went to google, searched for the book... it's 15 bucks, already on my list "to buy" i usually do this when i have to study, i wake up at 9am to study and go to bed at 12pm-01am

Haha, that's amazing! You sure are hardcore while studying. I used to fill out a whole day for studying but never managed to do it for that long.
Thanks for reading!

I stop every 2 hours to rest, before steemit i would normaly rest by watching a youtube video, but now with steemit i rest by answering some posts

I enjoyed reading your blog a lot and have made similar experience with waking up early and being productive. You inspired me to make a post about this topic to and I'd be interested in your opinion on it. Going to follow you for sure and wish you a nice day :)

Great to hear you liked it! I´d love to read your posty aswell. Im going to follow you aswell :) Have a nice day

Sounds awesome, see you soon :)

This is amazing and the last two weeks I have been pushing to get up earlier. We have stopped coffee, and I have been eating lighter at dinner. This has left me pretty ready for bed, but I seem to pop right up in the morning.

Good to hear! But, Daamn you stopped coffee? I couldn't do that, or maybe I could I dunno. Sometimes I replace it with tea. But it's always nice to have that little bit extra :p

Yeah! Now I drink a cup of really warm water with honey. I made the switch after lustening to a spiritual teacher speaking about how foods effect us and how most if us are being controlled by a little cup of liquid haha

Would love to read some of your experience with switching from coffee to water and honey and the reasons behind that!

I’m a coffe dependant, I drink about a jar per day, which I’m aware it’s not healthy, but as I don’t have lunch, I fill myself with coffee during the day until dinner.

I know I know, I’m doing it all wrong, but trying to turn it around.

There is no right or wrong, there is only perspective 🙃. I switched to warm honey , not hot, water because of the nutritional density of the honey and the benefits to our body. It has been two weeks now and I have noticed alot. I am not as jittery. I am able to relax. I am not as tense and my muscles are relaxing. I am able to ease into bed at night quicker. I haven't had heart burn either. So far, so good!

I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks for your feedback, take care!

sounds inspirational. I would love to try it out. Thanks for this.

Lovely article I feel blessed for it

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It is inspiring ....

Nice post! It really can make people feel fantastic. And motivated to reach the a better way of life!

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