Pizza and Bitcoin (BCH) friday night at Nandibear's house!

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The Nandibear has got eat!

Mrs. Nandibear and I haven't had pizza in a while so we'll throw these in the oven.

We hope everyone out there reading here has a good meal tonight too. (Although I'm not sure how healthy this pizza is, probably only a 'good meal' as in tastes good.)

I have seen recipes for healthy pizzas. The dough is made of cauliflower. When we have more time we'll try making one. This is probably the best recipe on video I've seen:

The Healthiest Pizza in the World (by Dr. Eric Berg DC) nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

PLEASE leave some comments! Talk a little!

Nandibear at the Forum:


Pizza is healthy and delicious. I like it...have a great dinner sir @nandibear with pizza.

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Thanks @msena! Greatly appreciated. I hope to make one of the healthy pizzas sometime relatively soon! Unfortunately the pizzas last night were probably not the healthiest, haha!

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