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RE: The life that lies within

in #life3 years ago

What a delight this post is! Firstly, every time I read about your farm in Burgundy I'm so jealous...what a treasure. Secondly, you offer such a wealth of information about fossils and they are so beautiful!

Makes me think - someday, would you like to do a collaboration where we can make molds of the fossils and make a tile project from the imprints together? I would have to come to France (aw shucks!) and we could do the work over a period of 2-3 weeks. Something to think about.


Hehe, that sounds like an amazing idea Ruth!
I could learn so much from you and it would be so awesome to have you here!!! Let's do this!
(i'll start setting up a workshop area place thingie) 👏👏👏

:-))) this could be fun.....I'm going to start dreaming a little