Do you work hard or smart?

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All of us have different roles to play in different spheres of life.We all are bound to make different contributions in different domains -from our social life to our office life.With every passing day we come across different challenges that we have to face .Clock keeps on ticking as it waits for none.So in order for us to face our challenges in a stress free manner we need to manage our time and make optimum use of it.Below are 5 ways that will help you to make the most out of your time.

1) Grouping-Prioritising -Timing



We must follow this mantra to have better control over our work life.Whatever the task is we must first categorize the kind of task we have to do.We should always do the important ones first as they need more of our time and best of our ideas.The easy ones i.e the tasks one is better at should be done in the end .Also a time limit must b set for all tasks individually so that our output is maximum and we are always on track with our tasks.

2) Take Time off Work


It is known scientifically that people who take rest at regular intervals are better at their jobs compared to people who follow monotonous ways of working.So it is advisable to take your mind off work and indulge in things like nature ,exercising or whatever one finds interesting.And also one must realize losing sleep helps no one.It only makes us tired and in turn makes a person's output on day to day basis very low.

3) Objective Vs Goal



An objective is a task that must b accomplished on short term basis but a goal is a task to be done on long term basis.Hence a person must work and move ahead in blocks .Focus on objectives only then a person can achieve goals.

4) Mend Previous Ways


Instead of starting afresh one must mend the previous ways of working.Starting from scratch is a time consuming process as a person has to test new ways and ideas.So one must analyse the issue and work on it rather than scrapping the whole things and starting afresh.

5) Embracing Failure



One must never think of failures as something bad.Failures help a person grow strong.One must embrace failure ,analyse the reason behind it and work accordingly.Always remember running away is no solution and also no success comes with failures.

To Grow and Adapt to this world of innovations,
Work Harder but Smarter


When I started writing code I realized the inportance of smart over hard work. Its easy to labour hard like a hamster in a wheel, producing prespiration but no results

Well the same thing can be true for steemit too, you sometimes may not get until you are smart enough to make things work for you.

I would like to share this video that it could be a complement for this post:
When I watched it, I felt slapped, because I was that kind of people who complained for having limited time and she came to say "There is time for what matters".

Amazing and thankyou for sharing this.

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