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RE: Always Be The Person That You Would Love To Have As a Partner.....

in #life3 years ago

I am alos relatively new to your blog posts and love the engagement in the comments as I think this were a lot of the value is created as it gives is as authors the perspective or feedback on the thoughts of the community which can help guide us forward. We are all partners in this community and I think it is partially why there has been a lot of passionate discussion about the Hard Fork but this is great as at least it demonstrates the interest of the community in expressing themselves and wanting improvements. The latest post by @steemitblog I think does a great job in addressing most of the concerns and learnings from the situation so now it is up to us to engage and provide the feedback necessary to adjust accordingly.


I will be visiting that publication to see if it clears some doubts that I have, thanks for mentioning it. 😉

Exactly! Great words!

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