The American dream gone wrong

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I find it so astonishing when I went to Tampa the amount of beautiful housing I saw by the beach. I noticed that a lot of the houses by the beach we're also abandoned. Now I know how about this whole American dream and how every for most Americans see it. I actually asked somebody I was passing by as to why all of these houses under construction. He told me a few of them got burned when the storm hit and the electrical wires went down right into the homes. Then there were a few that were absolutely flooded inside. I thought it was very sad and I asked him if everyone survived he said they did but he also said that many of them just moved onto other properties. I feel that people need to understand that the American dream is not only about having all these beautiful great mansions and cars parked outside. It is also very important to use your knowledge when deciding where to build this beautiful houses. I also found it very sad but the neighborhood with all these mansions had a lot of stray animals walking around. Many of them with collars. I believe that they were pets from previous residents that were living there. I can only imagine how frustrated and sad these people where they had to flee their house and I really hope that next time instead of fleeing their homes they would make the effort to actually continue the constructions on these abandon homes.


Sometimes I find it hard to know we leave in dump society, How easily people get rid of things. But I guess buying a new home is cheaper than fixing it, I would love to live in one of those homes. It's harder in the Netherlands to buy another home when you still have your mortgage. Maybe that's another story in the USA

Same here the mortgage is killer here in the USA. But this neighborhood was for people that were doctors or lawyers. They have the second home options I guess. Thank you for your comment!

I guess they do, it's still a pitty that entire areas are abandoned