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There is a well used saying that working in retail will make you hate the human race and on many days, that's true but today, someone made my day with this:
As she was busy paying, her friend started imitating the opening bars of "Under Pressure" by Queen. She said that she was once doing a job interview and was asked whether she could perform under pressure. She replied "No, but I could try "Bohemain Rhapsody". They told her that they thought they liked her already.

Sometimes, customers are entertaining. Another person in the shop today asked me to excuse her smelling of booze because she had been having a drunken lunch in a nearby restaurant. I told her that we liked drunken customers and their impulsive buying habits. I let her off lightly though, she only left with one item, and it was something that she actually wanted.

But on to other things: sometimes we get real gems in: here are two books on knitting that I found in the shop

the manly art.jpg
No, this is not a joke: first published in 1971, it's an actual knitting manual for cowboys. On how to make stuff like dog blankets for your best friend and saddle blankets for your next best friend

the art of.jpg
This book dates to the 1940s or 50s and it includes all the stuff your grandmothers knew how to make.

Including knitted dresses like so

Hopefully, fashion crimes like these never make a comeback...

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I ought to learn knitting, just in case! But it’ll be difficult to find the wool!

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Why, does no-one knit anymore?

We still knit, just not often. It's the best way to get a decent dishcloth.

Knitted dishcloths are new to me...

We live in hot climate so knitting is not in our culture! But knitting has become a hobby for some people. The wool and other things are expensive as they have to be imported. And winter only lasts a few weeks in Thailand!

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I knit! I love to knit — and you can knit lace, or netting; not just thick wintery things — and with anything — plant fibers, cotton yarn or thread — some people even knit metal wire.

Hahahahah. Who knew knitting could be such mountainous, back breaking work? Not so unlike that stance we have to take as retail employees when we get that wrong customer who's always right.

I see what you did there, lol

I think that working with people in the store is quite difficult. You need to be a good psychologist and know well the properties of the product in order to correctly explain to the buyers why this product is necessary for him.
Well, when a satisfied buyer leaves with the purchased goods from the store. This is a sure sign that he will come again, and perhaps bring his friends.

We can only try

Lucky you found such books.

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Gotta get some fun out of everyday :-)

These books! Like I said — I love to knit — and I like to sort of unusual patterns. I bet these would be super fun to look through.

Also, more to the point: who knew Under Pressure was Queen? I just skimmed the comments and was shocked no one had corrected you — then, obviously, I had to google because I was still absolutely sure it was David Bowie. Which it is, I guess? But also Queen... This feels like a pretty big thing for me to have missed up until now.

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