Believe in yourself

in #life3 years ago

There comes a time in life,
When hope seems to slip away,
Vision seems to be blurred,
you yourself get lost in your way,
during that nothing provide solace,
that is the only time where you should have faith,
in being yourself.


Most of us make the mistake, forget what we can do. We only select the easy way and that is surrendering ourself to the destiny and waiting for our fate.

That is the only time, when you should not give, fight to strive and hope till best. You should not give up easily, you should not forget what you can do, what are your strengths?

Fight till last, by keeping the faith high, and muster all the grit and keep repeating to yourself that I can do, I can do and only I can do.

believe 1.jpeg

Don't block your vision and mind with the uncertainties, fill yourself with positive energy, life is all about the survival of the fittest. So survive and fight against all the odd.