Announces for new users, earn SBD on you're Storry 🎉

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Earn SBD on You're Storry

New on Steemit and want Free promotion? Then this are something for you...

  • I will promote you're Storry here and all SBD from votes other Steemian's give goes to you...

  • I will start posting you're storry from my profile, so that you can get mention and notice while earn SBD...

  • I have also over 1680 Followers now, and soon 2 Year old Account...

  • So wath are you waiting for? Send us You're storry today...

This is how it works:

  • Whrite in English language.

  • All SBD from vote on this post get goes to poster after 7-8 Day's.

  • I will add 2 Storry a day in the start. So it could be waiting time if there are much need off promotion.

  • Send you're storry on mail to ( [email protected] ) You can add photo forexample or a Youtube song.

  • Answear as soon as possible on mail, or mentions in my post.

Feel free to ask if you wondering something

Stay Tuned Follow @nippel66


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