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RE: This Will make you feel fantastic, if you try!

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I feel so much better when I follow my morning routine.

I wake up about 430-500am. I use a sleep tracking App called Sleep Cycle.

I then have another goals tracking app called Way of Life.

This has a list of 10 things I do that day. From workouts, stretching, meditation, brain training games, and a few more.

On the list are things that if done on a regular basis will put me into an unstoppable mindset.

The more I get done in the morning the better.

The ones I'll do in the morning are the meditation, workout, stretch, and another one called state change.

If you look on YouTube and search Tony Robbins State Change, you'll learn about putting yourself into a peak state.

My whole morning routine is based around putting myself into the highest peak state a study possible so I can achieve awesome things.

When I don't do my morning routine, my mornings are flat and my days are flat.

Hope this helps anyone reading!

Do a successful morning routine, you'll love it.


Wow, cool respone. With what does the Sleep Cycle app help you? And whaaat is that state change xD going to check it out. Good to see someone else being activaly aware about how this can change your mood! :)

Sleep Cycle allows me to add things in my day. Whether I drank a coffee that day, stretched, meditated and so on.

Before I sleep, I check off all the things I did.

Over time it will spit out what seems to be helping with your sleep and what does not.

I only sleep about 6-7 hours a night but it's really good sleep.

It also awakens you at your most awake time. Which is why I say I wake up between 430-500am.

It will wait until I'm out of a deep sleep before waking me up.

State change can be all kinds of things.

This video is the exact video I do 3x in the morning.

I do it three times because the more you do it, the better. But even if you start at once, you're still way ahead of most people.

I went to a tony Robbins event last year, I also wrote about it on Steem as well.

I've been following the guy for many years and I still always use the things he teaches.