A Wonderful Good Friday Pottering With Plants & Animals

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I love mornings like these. Being a public holiday, its the perfect time to invest some time and effort into the natural systems around the home. What's more it's a chance to pursue that simple, happy life that I wrote about yesterday here

2018-03-30 10.04.03.jpg
one of our eggplants growing strong

Our little potted vege garden for example has been neglected down by the dam where I moved it last winter as it was so dry. The dam provides a great source of garden water without depleting the drinking water tanks up at the house.

2018-03-30 10.05.20.jpg

When the plants are close to the house however they tend to get more attention and we pick what's produced more often. It's just a matter of convenience.

I also topped up the pots with a combination of potting mix and horse manure and in order not to be wasteful, the waste from cleaning the chicken coop, hay and chook poo, was used as top mulch on the pots to suppress weed growth, fertilise and retain moisture.

2018-03-30 10.07.43.jpg

Speaking of the hens, their little home (actually it's a massive home) got cleaned out and look at one of the little easter surprises that greeted us!

2018-03-30 10.09.53.jpg

2018-03-30 10.10.50.jpg

What a simple and enjoyable morning! Happy Easter break everyone!


Wow what a rewarding day, your garden and chickens go well !. What other plants could be planted in pots? In my house the earth is as bad and almost nothing is ever sown.

Nice Easter egg! The more you simplify the more relaxed you will become. See how relaxing chickens can be! You sound more relaxed today!

Funny you say that @cecicastor, because I do actually feel better and more relaxed today. How wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our pics 👍

Thanks for sharing. A very useful little garden. Vegetables grown themselves more healthy because it uses natural manure, so the vegetables are healthier. Spending time home taking care of your own pets and gardens is great fun.

Couldnt agree more! It's well worth the investment. Thanks @nurmidirman

Waoooo Que rico.
Me recuerda mucho mi casa anterior. Tenía sembrado berenjenas, tomates, lechugas, cebollín, etc y frutales como mango, cambures y naranjas. Ahhhhh y unas pocas gallinas criollas que proveían los huevos del día.
Ya no puedo por haberme mudado a una casa sin terreno.
Saludos y Gracias.
Feliz Viernes Santo

Hey thanks @reinaldor! I'm happy to have brought you happy memories. What a shame you had to give those things up. Best wishes to you and thanks again for the lovely comment.

Yeh that's a decent "little" home your chickens have XD Yay for eggs!

How far away is the dam from the house? Could you get a pumping system going maybe?


It's maybe 100m or so but much lower than the house. Big elevation difference. Wonder what could be done there however. I have a spare pump. Wonder if it works. Not sure a manual pump would work with the gradient. Interesting thought! Thanks!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Nice post @nolnocluap thanks for sharing and happy Easter

Abs to you @rabihfarhat! Thanks!