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So, I'm currently bored out of my fucking mind again!
My feed ain't feeding me!

NoNamesLeftToUse - I Are Vote.png

I Follow Hundreds of Accounts

So why can't I find some entertainment, whenever the hell I feel like voting?

Oh yeah! I remember now!

It's because nearly everyone quit!


Yes. YOU.

You're still here! Right?!?!?

These crickets need to stop bothering me!

Everywhere I go. Chirp chirp chirp.

I'll get serious now, if that's possible.

Many moons ago, yours truly, @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself, began this strange and sometimes pointless journey of content discovery.

I had noticed a pattern.

Many of the creative writers, outsider artists, and entertainer types; they either stopped producing what they had originally came here to produce, so they could chase the money, and fail. Or they simply quit because of the struggles many with actual talent face when they arrive here and try to put up with this shit.

It's not easy to write up a short story, or a new chapter for your novel. Producing art or processing photographs takes many hours. Writing jokes and skits is humiliating. Without the right crowd there to read, enjoy, and hopefully laugh; that writer could easily spiral into a severe state of depression.

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I know all about it.

And it only gets worse when you've worked your ass off and nobody even notices.

I'm sure you've heard about 'tribes' by now. If not, well, that's because you don't pay attention or you haven't been around lately.

There are 'official' curators within these tribes; and then there are people like me. 100% independent, do whatever the hell I want, kinda people.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Last One Left.jpeg

Right now, I feel, this:


That, is the current home for all things 'entertaining' on the STEEM blockchain.

I've been here nearly three years and I've met hundreds of entertaining people. Our work would always get buried on Steemit. Anywhere else on the internet, television, printed word; entertainment is huge and typically attracts the largest viewership/readership.

Don't get me wrong, I still give a shit about Steemit. Steemit simply can't get organized, yet. So now, if I want to find entertainment, I go straight to https://www.creativecoin.xyz, and have a look-see.

It's still quite new. I think I'm on my third week of producing content to be viewed on https://www.creativecoin.xyz, as well as a few other places.

The 'tribes' are working well for me. I've had my work show up in the top slots of every tribal trending page I've produced content for. #palnet, I've hit number one. #neoxian, I've hit number one. #steemleo, I've hit number one. #steemace, same thing, number one slot. #creativecoin, loving it. The best part is: I didn't even know most of these people before I stepped foot inside their domains, and when you trend, 40-50% of the rewards go right back into the community, so you don't leave feeling like the selfish sack of shit who took the last cookie.

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Moving Along

Because rambling...

The people behind https://www.creativecoin.xyz did not put me up to this. I'm not here to shill any tokens. I just want to make my life easier so...

And by Mars,

he means https://www.creativecoin.xyz.

For some fucked up reason I staked well over 15000 of these CCC tokens and that means my vote is currently somewhere around the 20th most valuable; but that can all change pretty fast since I'm noticing more folks moving up the ranks, daily. Obviously they're seeing what I'm seeing, and of course more curators means more happy producers.

So, yeah. I have a lot of tokens and plan on staking more.

NoNamesLeftToUse - What Is This Place.jpeg

And that means I'm looking for some good shit to vote for.

I'm fussy and I miss all you fuckers who left and took your talents with you.

I'm not really interested in the five times per day here's my ONE boring photo post crowd. The here's the thing I made and now I'll distract you with my mile long signature I copy/paste into every post for some stupid reason crowd doesn't appeal to me either. I'm always hunting for actual talent and actual content. Not really interested in the social media style post, I'm more interested in the online magazine article style post.

I love a photography post when it's creative, unique, shows me things and places I'm unfamiliar with, and comes fully equipped with a write-up along with many photos.

Any creative writing is cool with me, even if it's a true story about your life, presented in a creative fashion. Telling me you walked your fucking dog today and sat in the park is not creative. Once you add a bunch of unnecessary details into that story, then things get interesting. Some of the best 'life' writing is only loosely based on life. Even the most uneventful day can turn into something awesome just by paying attention to the small things, and making them bigger.

I like art but I prefer oddities, trippy shit, anything bizarre. I enjoy the outsiders who develop their own styles. I think, when it comes to art, I don't follow the art. I follow interesting artists. Adding your own personality to each post makes it more appealing to me. I want to see what you have made more than what has been made, if that makes sense.

Humor. All forms of humor are cool with me but if it's a low effort post, I probably won't vote. I can handle profanity like any mature adult. Comedy can be filthy at times and that's fine with me.

Also, entertainment isn't all about happy feelings and smiles. Horror stories, thriller stuff, twisted shit, dark humor; I like those things.

All of those things are more than welcome within the 'creativecoin' tribe.

Also, keep in mind: Just because I don't like something, that doesn't mean everyone thinks the same way. There are more curators with different tastes and many of them might enjoy the things I don't like.

So, relax, be yourself, do your thing. I've been doing mine for years and I know for a fact those who don't like it will always outnumber those who do; humiliation comes with the territory. That's just how it is. Can't impress everyone but you won't impress anyone unless you try.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Siting on a Cloud of Steps.jpeg

So why am I going on and on and on...

And on and on and on about this?

Well, I guess I'm kind of hoping many of you who left, can see these words, and the potential here. There's also a lot of talented creative writers, artists, photographers, musicians out there who aren't using the 'creativecoin' tag, and that annoys me because I don't feel like creating multiple accounts and micromanaging my life to death, just to make your life easier.

The current best combination of tags to use to get the most out of my vote would be: 'creativecoin', 'palnet', and 'neoxian'; along with some actual tags that describe the content within. Enter in the actual content tags first and the tribe tags last. That helps with content discovery and organization.

When I vote, I'm looking for community builders. I skip all of the tag spammers and folks who constantly sell at these ridiculously low values. People willing to put some work in now, while the project is still a baby, stake a few tokens, so there's a future platform for the next generation to enjoy. Those who plant the seeds now so they can enjoy the abundance of fruit later are the ones I prefer to do business with and are the most valuable to the community, especially early on.

Over the years I'd always hear people complaining about how hard it is to earn visibility, followers, and tokens. These 'tribes' in their infancy offer all those folks a fresh start. I've been quietly recruiting a few folks, to test things out and see if their quality of life as a content producer will improve. I think it's safe to say, some have noticed a difference. More comments, more new followers, and a few more dollars. These things all add up to a healthy blog, over time.

Some folks view the future SMT and 'communities' as direct competition to these 'tribes' but I feel building healthy communities now only gives these healthy communities a head start when it comes time to benefit from SMTs and communities, since we won't have to start from scratch.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Thing Three.jpeg


This post is boring!

I don't need to sit back and wait for someone else to help get the word out. 'Creativecoin' isn't about that quilt grandma made and I think there's been some confusion about what kind of content is allowed within the group.

I also want it make it clear: I'm not planning to waste my votes on shit posts and reward milkers. Sure, if you want to spend all day spamming and not earning anything, fine. You could spend the same amount of time on one solid post and actually get somewhere. Your life is up to you though and I understand some folks like to stay down at the bottom.


Okay, that's enough yapping.

Have a nice day.

Youtube videos linked to sources.
All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"I'll return to your regularly scheduled nonsense when I can make sense of my schedule."

Images © 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


Check out this morning's episode of #themorningbowl.. I've thought about using the #creativecoin tag but I'm not really sure it's the type of content that would be welcomed there. !tip

I'd say that's more general life content. There was nothing wrong with it. Isn't there a tribe for that somewhere? A documentary type place? What is that 'marlian' stuff going around?

Creative would be you, acting as a character, who isn't you, maybe a bit of a script and some improvisation, all with the intention of entertaining viewers. I was hoping that dude would freak out or something but instead he just kinda woke up, and coughed. LOL!

Yeah. I use the weedcash tag/tribe but thought maybe it would fit there too

Well I'm certainly not the authority on what's allowed. If I was using my stake, and we put your recent video beside say something like a comedy skit video, I'd vote for the comedy. I still did see some entertainment value there though, so it's hard to say. I've also laughed at some things that I thought were funny, and then the author/producer of the content called me a bully! I was confused.

Actually, I walked my dog in the park today. It was a nice day for it. We sat, on a cool little bench under a big spreading oak tree and my dog looked up at me and said, You don't have a dog.

Oh yeah, who the fuck are you then, idiot dog.

I said, thinking, I will show the little prick.

The dog paused then SCREAMED, its mouth opening impossibly wide and suddenly I was in ITS MOUTH and I was SCREAMING and then I realised that the dog was not really a dog?!?! It was my self-loathing and it was EATING ME ALIVE.


I like creativecoin. Even the new tab is good and relatively spam free!

See! A few minutes of bullshit turns into magic! All because you walked your imaginary dog...

I'll be honest, I've been seeing a bit of spam in the new tag. Not much though and it's certainly easier on the eyes than steemit's 'new' tab. I can usually find something new. Last night was dead though, so I started rambling out this post. You know as well as I do though, many creative types left. I haven't seen @brandt or @therealpaul for quite awhile and I'm sure if I kept naming names, the list would get long.

All because you walked your imaginary dog...

Oh the dog is quite real my friend... it's @meesterboom who is imaginary..

if you want to see a good CC i would suggest the beautiful @marpa

Oh no, there's a twist I hadn't seen!!

Yeah, it does make you a bit sad when you see who is gone. TheRealPaul was a great guy as well as Brandt, I sometimes come across a name and think, oh man, theyve gone.

Now, where did I put my self-loathing... I mean, Dog!

Brandt would turn a not so simple hike into the mountains and a few photos into something I couldn't stop laughing at. I still laugh thinking about Kevin the mountain goat. RealPaul is a creative genius. One man band. Solid writing, art, and music. That's hard to come by...

I couldn't agree more. 8 also totally agree with the thing you said about the creative people that come and then abandon doing what they love it came here to do in pursuit of those shiny coins and chanted who they were for it before becoming disillusioned. I hope this hardfork forks things up a bit

I heard countless times, in so many words, the stuff WE do doesn't work here. Try telling that to us though. They just didn't keep at it.

I don't know what this hardfork will achieve but seeing some of it work perfectly fine within the tribes helps boost my confidence. I still have my doubts the people will actually own their own decisions though. Doing dumb things and blaming the code will still exist.

It's all about blaming anything else! We will still see that. I hope the hardfork brings something and has been tested properly, that's all I ask!

i had some days reading you and i would love if you saw my content, i will be all my life creating music and you can find a HUGE quantity of videos on my page like this (my favorite)

i post daily content and if you look at it you will find interesting daily stories, i try to had an interesting life wich consist on play in the street and get some free stuff like fastfood or stuff that people give me lol and also im seeking a way to earn a grammy, plus more things, so, your eye on this blog (mine's) will not dissapoint you, also i had 2000 ccc staked and i saw the true pithagorical potential of cryptos, we're on the right side of the story being pioners here.

Yeah dude. You did the right thing today, stepping up, showing yourself. I'm not fluent in Spanish but music is universal so I'll try to help when I can. That video was awesome. I can see you want to help build this place as well, which is also great. Cool!

i learn english here and seeing series, with time you can handle some other languajes, arts is the way to go, i show myself here because i saw you in the desire of see and as you said, im building here, also, i want to do be film director someday, so much things to create for this life, today i recorded an openmic with a new co-production, we don't had mics yet but a nice camera for sure, better than the phones im using right now, let me told you that the other day i saw a post of you giving some tips for creating content and surething i vibrate a lot with that, i think we had daily interestings lifes and we need to think how to tell what we feel with our senses, that's not art itself? when i start here on steemit i was very shy and i had a lot of fears that one by one are faced and well, even if music if my niche, im constantly reaching for new knowledge and good quality post about science, arts or religions, let me suggest you @julianhorack he has an incredible vibe. steemit has been a nice introspection vehicle mixed with good knowledge investings, a good trip.

right now im more connected with the frecuency 432Hz and im having a strong intention to heal trough music, this frecuency puts our chakras on tune, i will love to talk about it deeper sooner in a post, it's a fractal of the world that truly passionates me. .

I write these posts and I never think the words will actually help anyone. I just put it out there into the world. I'm glad people can sift through my chaos and find the good things.

When I first started, I wasn't really being myself. I was trying to fit in until I realized I needed to stand out. I wouldn't say I was shy. More like I was unsure of how much of who I am people could actually handle.

When it comes to what I produce, I try not to stray away too far from entertainment. I'll drop a few business bombs from time to time but I mostly like to create a place people can come and not have to take life too seriously.

i think we had the same stuff on the head, even when i saw your profile description i joke about it ""the writer/artist himself" oh, he's a dude like me."

that's why i understand your chaos, i had that chaos and for sure i had to put it on steemit seekin for awaken eyes.

yeah! i wasn't really being myself but more than that, that's why i said this was an introspection journey, i write a lot of my diaries but this year was a total new level of data.

I think it's hilarious to introduce myself as The Writer/Artist Himself. LOL!

you're my friend, in the same time you settled up as your description lel

Yes. YOU.
You're still here! Right?!?!?

Nope. :) I was actually just bored, so decided to quickly check the trending page and your post caught my eye. I check art content to get inspired and I haven't been getting that from blogs anymore. I experienced a family tragedy and I realized how precious time is and that I don't want to waste it blogging. I actually made a post for what happened but don't feel like sharing it and I doubt I will ever feel comfortable enough. My point is, I realized I have bigger goals and that I want to work on bigger projects and writing about every step is simply a distraction to make me feel like I'm accomplishing something. It has been 2 years since I joined here and a year since Whaleshares, there hasn't been any significant progress that affects me. Blogging is just a hobby and like with every hobby, you have limited time and sometimes you simply get bored and move on to a new hobby or even old one :)
Don't get me wrong tho, I don't regret blogging at all, it has helped me in some ways like socializing, motivation to try new art mediums, and I tend to make my best art when I feel challenged like by contests. So I got my value's worth for time even if it isn't in terms of money. However, by now I feel like I've reached the end level for what I can do with blogging, just like in a game. I've considered making smaller and shorter posts just for the sake of staying active, like a lot of others have, but that's just not fun. In the long run I'd probably earn more if I invested that time elsewhere. As for friends, I'm pretty terrible with staying in touch but I believe that there are 2 or 3 people who I can message on discord and have a nice conversation with anytime, even a year from now. That's good enough for me, but I understand how some people are not so antisocial like me.

Quick summary: You have to be the top blogger to make a living and most crypto is essentially gambling. Steemit is just a hobby and it stopped being fun because a lot of us get stuck on a certain "level" regardless of the quality of posts. I do wish best of luck to those actually putting the effort into their posts, I hope Steemit improves their browsing quality so that we can more easily find the posts that we personally find interesting. I don't feel like anymore scrolling more than couple of minutes to find a good post.

Yeah, it certainly isn't for everyone. When it comes to content and content discovery, I find it's much easier to look for those interesting people, rather than interesting posts. Usually the interesting people will deliver interesting content. They're still hard to find though when mixed in with all that spam on Steemit. This tribe helps organize things a bit. I've met most of the interesting types through my blog, when they come and visit my posts.

stopped being fun because a lot of us get stuck on a certain "level" regardless of the quality of posts.

There once was a ladder one could climb. They'd earn, and then every now again someone would notice something special and it would make it up to the trending page organically. Then the author would gain certain benefits like more money and a more followers, organically, because they were in the spotlight. Then, after a few days, the party was over but the author still had a chance to do it all again.

The moment they started selling votes, that all went away, a long with thousands of people. I promise you, I tried to explain that to people, for years. A lot of those vote seller types would tell me I'm just whining. The one purchasing votes and pushing the talent aside had no sense of community either. I tried to tell them as well. That was my biggest waste of time here. They just kept selling votes and buying votes, being blind to the chaos it was causing all around them, and now look. Steemit is a disaster and many, like you, have left, and see no reason to come back.

When it comes to making money here, there's a business side to things many miss, but I don't want to bore you to death with a long response.

I’m not usually the party pooper around here, and maybe I am just a skeptic from being a bit burned out writing here. That said…

…I don’t really think the creativecoin tribe is going to help all creatives, specifically writers, that much. You think creativecoin, you think music and art. We need our own niche, or even better, a nonfiction niche. Maybe there is something out there I don’t know about?

I have been bumbling along here for almost a year and a half. I get a curie about every three weeks. I also get hit by whatever those curation things are that bump my post fairly often. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative and those factors have helped me hang on, but it doesn’t mean that more than a handful of people actually read my post, and to a writer that is the most important thing. My time spent networking has improved my feed, but not my blog much.

I got a little frustrated, so I created a site where I do my thing writing about life, but focusing on a local level. Facebook has several groups that are all about my hometown. One with 48,000 members. If I drop a link there to my site, I get a minimum of 100 views. If they bothered to actually click the link, I assume a large percentage at least skimmed the post. That feels like not bumbling along. Facebook has an effective niche. For someone more interested in the eyes than the coins, that is pretty appealing.

Those folks that disappeared hopefully didn’t quit what they do, hopefully they just found a greener pasture.

So go ahead then, tell me I am wrong. There are some people here that I really like, so I’m not going to disappear. But unless these tribes can compete with numbers I get elsewhere, I don’t have a strong motivation to write here. There must be a lot in the same boat here, but maybe we are the fluff that needs to leave. I suppose time will tell.

Didn’t mean to make this all about me, but here is the perspective of your standard visibility complainer/skeptic.

Much like Steemit, it's really up to the members of these tribes to make decisions that lead to the success of the tribes.

If people don't want to curate content, life will be difficult. I've explained countless times why eyes are important, but more and more folks on Steemit chose to delegate their SP and get paid to look away. There needed to be a balance in order to sustain the community. The community is the most valuable asset to this blockchain. The members are shooting themselves in the foot. I promised myself I'd be finished talking about this stuff though. They need to see the damage and end results before they'll believe you and by then it's too late.

So with this tribe, I think there about about 800 accounts with staked tokens. It's only about three weeks old. It'll take some building before it can compete with a Facebook group with 48000. It'll take some builders for that.

I don't blame people for leaving after what they had to deal with for two years on Steemit. I took a break as well.

There was some confusion about creative writing being included in the creative coin thing. So, as someone who just felt like building today, I decided to clear some of that up.

Right now, this early in the game, the moment you start breaking up these tribes into even smaller groups is the moment if falls apart.

I've written about it plenty of times. Steemit has a shortage of content consumers. So this tribe will have more creators than consumers. The creators will have to play both roles. A smaller tribe focused on less will again have less consumers. Since it's early in the game though with these tribes, and since curators get paid more, I'd assume, in time, there would be a healthy balance of creators and consumers. Without a proof of concept though, you can't have folks interested in consuming.

Plenty of creators out there. Not many willing to take on the business side of things. Eyes and money should just come automatically, but you gotta start somewhere.

Maybe I'm just grouchy because I am sick, and time management is on center stage with having to drag my body through life's responsibilities. Maybe the best solution for me is to scale back writing here for a bit, build up that other place, and in the meantime be sure to get on creativecoin and vote every day regardless. Hopefully down the road there will be a specific home for writers.

Sorry to drag all that out of you again.

I talked to a writer that is fairly new here the other day, and she thanked me for being the only one out of 15 votes to have actually read it. She said something to the effect of "even if just one person reads it, it is worth it." That used to be my philosophy, and probably is for most creative people starting out. But confidence does build, and that philosophy does not work anymore. Wow, listen to that, I am so grouchy :)

No. If you want to get somewhere, you can't settle with remaining at the bottom and thinking that's okay. Sure, it feels good to get the ball rolling but you're doing it wrong if you're not hungry for more.

I noticed my world here was starting to stagnate, after working for a long time. It should be consistent growth and I realized things beyond my control were holding me back. Yelling at the clouds all day wouldn't solve it and I know that because I tried.

So now, instead of publishing my work in ONE spot, it's now sitting in four places. And of course I'm seeing consistent growth again. Guess what though! It's not enough.

Hopefully down the road there will be a specific home for writers.

And when that happens I'll have my work showing up there as well.

I'm a magazine, these 'tribes' or platforms, those are the magazine racks. If I only exist in one tiny gas station on the outskirts of town called Steemit, then I can't expect to be read much. Look at that bright cover up there. The wording is all wrong. Ever notice how shiny things catch your eye? Ever notice how easy it is to catch a typo? That kind of thing probably wouldn't work anywhere else other than a place where your success depends on standing out from the crowd. Many people want to blend in. I don't.

If I gained traction elsewhere, I'd have my work here, and there. Steemit: It's just a publishing tool. I drop my links everywhere else I can to get more outside views coming in. I know those eyes can't pay me, but maybe they will sign up someday and drop a few votes my way. I lose nothing for trying.

Why you gotta make me ramble?

I link back to my blog here frequently as well. I have a once a month gig I write for, and one of those little SEO pegs is having outbound links anyway, so might as well link here.

You do have the advantage of appealing to multiple crowds with art, writing, politics here, etc. You certainly have a lot of magazine cover options.

I've got a lofty goal of getting some local attention and seeing what doors can open up, so I have to prioritize appropriately, but I will still be around. After a year and a half here, it is a tricky habit to break.

Oh, a good ramble - get it all out. You know you like it ;)
Only a woman can get away with using that phrase and not sound creepy...

Yeah, it's difficult to leave this place, for some. Even some of the people who hate it stick around for years just so they can tell everyone how much they hate being here. That's always funny.

Just do what you need to do. A lot of the folks I see who pay attention to your work will most likely be around when you're around. I've been through a lull here before; these quiet times. Usually all that remains are the good folks who give a shit. Then things pick up, and hopefully this time around everyone learned their lesson and the charlatans won't have a chance to ruin the place, again. I love rubbing that in.

I have other things in life that I do. I'm really good at not sleeping. If this entity ever has to stop, here, it won't be the end of the world for me. I spent years creating value. Hundreds of image files, ready for the printer and distribution. Something for everyone. Figured out a way to get paid for production time. I don't really want to go back to the old ways. I enjoy busking on the streets of this blockchain. Gathered a lot of these tokens. I won't need to depend on my blog to make money, once all those smart people pull their heads out of their asses and begin to find ways to turn this economy around. I've offered my assistance there as well, trying to show people the value in the paying content consumer. And that's another reason why I write a post talking about how I prefer the online magazine style article over the amateur social media shit post style. I see something big here. Others can only see their little blogs and a few pennies. I'm rambling.

Yes, balance. We need to have something to show for our efforts here that function in the outside world. Being about 80 in my mind, I just hate social media universally. The only things I like about this place are the writings that are real writing.

The lack of sleep though, that is rough. I can't do that longterm anymore. I spiral downward after a couple days...but I am 80 after all.

One blurry snap shot from a phone and no words is something most children can post these days. If I see plenty of interesting images, or even just one that captures something brilliant, along with words in the form of actual writing instead of sentence full of emojis and typos, then I know that individual could probably get paid independently or as a salary, and I'll want to vote. Photographers make decent money, same with writers. It's a good, valuable, combo.

With digital art, I get all the freedom in the world here, but in the outside world it can be a job that pays $30 to $50 an hour, on average. Those painting on canvas can easily sell their work. Can't sell a Facebook post.

I recently came across an art post. On the outside I could see an interesting sketch, so I clicked. "Here's what I made." Then three small images, no other words, then many links for donations and other things. I need personality to go along with the art. If you ever go to a convention, you'll see someone surrounded in their artwork, sitting on a chair, head buried in their phone, not even making eye contact with passersby. They usually end up packing most of the what they brought to show back in the vehicle and taking it home. They often think, nobody likes my work. They do nothing to market it though. Think of how many recordings people buy simply because the music comes from an individual they like. That's the game right there and a lot of these artists aren't playing it. I understand some just want to be hobbyists, but they need to know most hobbies cost money and don't pay.

You do a fine a job. Your posts are like pages in a magazine. The writing is solid and the images help tell the story plus many have been quite artsy. I can see a publisher being interested in something like that or if you're looking for a job, you'd be able to use that work to prove yourself, so of course that's valuable.

There was a magazine I used to read years ago. I can't remember the damn name, but there were articles with artwork and humor. The next page would be a short story. Then maybe four pages of comics. Some of my inspiration comes from that. Trying my hand at something I know worked well for others, with my own spin. And like I had said, I can sell the art, I can also publish the words and sell the paper. Around here I'm also trying my hardest to keep eyes on the site. Responding to as many as I can, keeping people interested. Trying to work towards this blog being part of the reason they keep coming back to the site. I don't earn much for all the extra effort when I compare it to some who seem to automatically earn way more, and nobody is even looking at their work. They post, collect, and not even available to respond. Their behavior is selfish most days and contributes to the morale being low around here when actual talent who would be more than happy to embrace their consumers and go the extra mile get ignored. That's not good for business and they should know better but they can't seem to see past the dollar bill being dangled in front of their face. Many of them earn automatically for posts that would never sell or look good inside of a magazine as well. They feel overvalued and then assume anyone earning less than they are is overvalued. More rambles.

This was not boring. I thought it was useful. Just be patient for people like me, who hardly have a minute, however, take a little of time to read you, because you are truly entertaining.

I certainly do appreciate it. Saying it was boring was just some showbiz stuff. Adding ironic flair, I guess. Self deprecating humor. Reaching out to the part of humanity who actually did find it boring, just so there's a little something for everyone... LOL!

You are really entertaining to read. I found time disappear when I stumble on your posts.
Thank you.

Keep up the awesomeness

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Thank you for stopping by and enjoying that bout of madness, or whatever the hell it was.

Method to your madness is the right direction

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So, relax, be yourself, do your thing.

The number one reason for people to take a look at the Tribes available, there is one for almost everyone. maybe people will learn it is o-kay to be themselves.

I liked the red headed elvis guy picture the best. they were all good, but that one stuck with me throughout the read of the post.

Yeah, people can go ahead and do what they're good at, all while performing in front of an audience expecting to see, whatever it is they do. That's a game changer and I've seen higher quality posts now because of it.

That image you're talking about is named Last One Left. That's one of my favorite productions right there.

I will look into creative coin. I wish Steemit could gain momentum again...but I don't see it happening neither for weku. But I am still here. Thanks

Screw weku! That's like drinking Poke instead of Coke!

Just use that fancy 'creativecoin' tag for your creative posts. Add in 'palnet' and 'neoxian' for a few extra eyes, maybe. You need to those eyes and these tribes help. Then the followers come. Then the money. And if you sell the tokens, then you screw yourself out of curation rewards but I think you've been here long enough to know it takes money to make money.

Finally, some entertainment in my feed. Oh, you were waiting for me....

Many of the creative writers, outsider artists, and entertainer types;

I guess not :)

Big fan of the #creativecoin content, probably my favorite tribe at present and it's the reason I've also been stocking up - to curate and enjoy.

I do hope the tribes can lure the decent creators back in.

Hey! I'm still flexible. Your life post and photos from your daughters life was well put together and I enjoyed that one.

I like it as well and I know of quite a few who could produce great stuff for the group. It's strange, last night when I started writing this... on my own personal feed there was a seven hour gap on nothing new for 'creativecoin'. At least now my voting power is back up to 100% though!

I'd really like to see these folks come back.

Thanks! Nothing like monetizing your daughters creativity due to your own lack of inspiration.

I too have seen some reasonable time gaps between posts, especially on the stemgeeks tribe in which VP is at 100% a lot. I end up sticking votes on comments or not bothering at all as unspent VP isn't all bad (except for the owner :) )

A lot of my stake sits idle. I need to go shopping for people to follow I guess. In this post here I'm only talking about what kind of stuff interests me in that specific tribe. I still like a lot of other things but would you have read another 1000 words? No. LOL!

A little retail therapy is good for you, apparently.

... would you have read another 1000 words?

That would depend on many factors, but I would side with no :)

Long form is making a comeback though!

Wow! That was quite a lengthy rant. 😁 I’m still here (the one making all the chirpy chirpy cricket noises when you look for entertainment). I’d direct you over to my profile, but I basically write about walking my dog every day...so some pretty boring shite. I’ll check out creativecoin!

The worst part about being opinionated at times is how those damn opinions come back and slap me in the face! LOL! I'll look when I have a moment!

Neither of those token calls worked...hmmm, sad panda.

Oh, maybe beer did work.

I think the beer one worked?

Oh man I love your sense of humor😂👍
I am absolutely sick of my feed showing actishit activity cards and short “this was my lunch today” posts!
Seeing your post kind of brought my hope back that there are some real, creative people out there who will make my feed more interesting and you are definitely one of them👌😍
Don’t stop, keep on posting!

I can handle the one image post, if it comes equipped with a write-up. There are some amazing folks out there who could turn a bowl of spaghetti into something awesome. The talent went underappreciated for far too long though. I hope the potential I'm seeing here can bring them back.

Oh man I love your sense of humor

Well I'm glad at least some people get it!

Thank you for this secret! Some new art~style in here ;)
I've noticed the yesterday's gap too...
Holy shh* we're in the gap all the time :)
So let's create instead of depressing ourselves!

Yesterday was one of the quietest days I've experienced here in a long while. There was a time when I'd have new stuff to see every couple of minutes on my own feed, so going out to vote and find stuff was easy. It's my plan to find enough people who are active, so that happens again. Not everyone can post daily either, since this stuff takes long to put together. So it'll take a lot to have that feed full again. I don't mind trying to get the ball rolling.

Yes. I am here and I am having a good start. Yes, many good bloggers have left the field as I notice. One of them is @alexbeyman , I really enjoyed his story, games, novels, etc. But he is no longer here, I hope he comes back with a bang. And thanx to you I am learning self-enhancement, and way of not quitting.

It seems we all know someone who had to take a break. Taking a break can be quite healthy. I know I've done it a few times and usually come back ready to take on the challenges again. I can understand why the creative types need the time off. It simply can't be forced. Quitting permanently only means you wasted time and that's never good, because it comes with regrets. When I take a break, it's always on my mind to come back. That would haunt someone for years if they quit, especially if they put thousands of hours worth of work onto this blockchain.

Thats really true. You really teach me something worth for my life. No words. Thank you

I really like photos @vesytz and @outlinez take while using the actifit tag.
Not sure if thats the content you're looking for, but they do take good photos :D

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I'll check in when I have a moment. Thanks for the heads-up.

You're welcome :D

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здрасти, да не си от БГ ;) ?!

I might check it out. I find that showing up on "the first day" is often key to success.

I often look for opportunities to expand. Most of my posts now are seen in four different places, yet all still on STEEM. That improves my chances of getting eyes. I'm earning five different tokens here today. Of course if I see an opportunity to give myself a raise, I'll do it. Can't just sit around waiting for everything to happen on its own. In the long term, will I benefit? Unfortunately I can't predict the future and won't even pretend like I can. I lose nothing for trying though. I threw away some fun money, bought some stake. I mean, I smoke and burn my money anyway, so what the hell, why not.

"I'm not dead yet!" Just a week of company.

Summer and holiday season is often quiet anyway. I totally get it!

I assume you mean my Monty Python reference. lol

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @nonameslefttouse, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

🎁 Hi @nonameslefttouse! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @davedickeyyall!

@davedickeyyall wrote lately about: My Actifit Report Card: August 3 2019 Feel free to follow @davedickeyyall if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Any creative writing is cool with me, even if it's a true story about your life, presented in a creative fashion.

Not everyone agrees with this, my latest post didn't include the #creativecoin tag, as I didn't feel it fitted the bill, but was in some ways similar to this one of yours, though without all your colour.

15,000 coins... oooh.., I feel small at just under 4000. I'm spreading mine out a little. Not sure if that's the right thing to do.

@Meesterboom does a fine job of creative life writing. Adding humor goes a long way. The writer should know if they're being creative or not. Right now, I know I'm just talking to you. If I would have said I'm just talking to you like.... and then rambled out a simile, the writing becomes more than just talking about talking.

I'm trying to be careful with all these tokens. I can only be in one place at a time. Content producer first, curator second. I'll just focus on what I like. If the niche is small, I probably won't be interested. CCC has variety, so that adds value, in my opinion. I'm not trying to strike it rich with these things. Building up the platform into something sustainable is the first step.

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