It's test season!

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I haven't written any post in the last 2 weeks, and probably won't write any for the next month.
It's my last year, in less than 6 months I will finish my Bachelor's degree (Yaaaaay!) in Bioinformatics.

(Me in the Lab, last year. Everybody says it's look like I'm going to stab somebody, but it's only a pipette...)

I've been studying non-stop for the last 3 years,and can't wait to get it over with.
I have 7 tests, 2 project, and one Paper to write. It's insane. I keep finding myself going on steemit and log off quickly, knowing it would be dangerous for me to got drown in here...

(Studying for Organic Chemistry)

So.... I will say Good-Bye, but it's not for long! in two and a half weeks I will start my Google internship, I will keep you updated :-)


Bioinformatics and Google?? how these two relate?? if it's IT and Google i will get it, but bioinformatics? Hmmm, enlighten me in your future posts =D
Anyway, all the best for your papers, i know how it feels when u have so much to do, steemit will still be here, waiting for you to write awesome post =)
All the best!

I study programming as part of my degree, so I'm going to an engineering internship...
I would be happy to do Bioinformatics per se, but it's much less rewarding.

My wife is studying Chemistry, and will be finishing up her bachelor's in about a year. It feels good to be done, isn't it?

All the best, wishing you good grades

Thank you!

Hope you can get back on track!

Google has really created quite the internship program. I have seen a few folks winning scholarships to their programs; which one are you participating in?

Congrats on the many hours spent on the bachelor's degree, that is a very exciting achievement. I selected a field where Master's degree is entry-level and that made it harder to really celebrate my B.S.(no, my degree) because it was only part of the piece I needed to start practicing my studies. And now I'm doing my damndest to get back to researching again! My field needs much more quantitative data collection, especially in healthcare.

I'm going to a part time (3 days) work, not a scholarship - fully paid, for 6 month, hoping to get a full time job afterwards.
I feel you, I wish research was more rewarding...

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