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Here are a few pictures from my trip to Florida back in 2012, the quality aint very good since they were taken on my S3.

We of course managed to time our arrival with the Tropical storm Debbie, which rolled in the day after.
2 weeks were spent in Siesta key and the final 3 days in Miami.
Overall the trip was amazing and I hope to visit Florida again!

2012-06-24 19.21.12.jpg

2012-06-25 17.49.10.jpg

Finally the rain stopped!
2012-06-29 16.28.11.jpg

Siesta Key Drum Circle
2012-07-01 20.12.41.jpg

Boat tour in Miami
2012-07-06 11.46.07.jpg

2012-07-06 11.59.23.jpg

2012-07-06 12.37.31.jpg

I just had to swing by Love Hate Tattoo
2012-07-06 17.31.10.jpg

Wish you all the best,


Amazing stuff

Glad you liked it here in Florida! Looks like you got a taste of our weather haha

Yeah, and I really miss all the amazing burgers! Five Guys <3

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