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I previously mentioned that I would order some new drives for my burst mining and the package arrived yesterday (YAY)!
Unfortunately they only sent me 1 of the drives (bought 2 of them) so now I'm waiting for their customer service to sort that out.

The drive(s)

The drives that I bought are Maxell Tank 4tb which have Seagate (ST4000DM000) drives inside, I paid 129$ per drive and if I were to buy those Seagates as internal drives they would cost me around 169$ (each).

So now I just have to wait for the ploting to be done on the first one and seeing as I'm only using 2 cores (so that I can game at the same time) it will take some time :)

I'll update as soon as both drives are up and running!
Have a great weekend everyone :)




Looks like some great hardware for mining.
Do you know the potential hash rate with these systems?

Well with burst mining you don't really have the hash rate, it's more how much storage you have ploted and how fast the drive can read. Havent checked the read/write speed on these but will for sure do it before they go "live" :)

Seems like you got a good deal on the drives. Good job and good luck with Burst.

Yeah at first I wanted to wait alittle before getting the drives but as these came up on a "Summer sale" I just had to go for it :)

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