Money Answers All things...

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What money can not do more money can.

Are you wondering why your relationship isn't making sense to you anymore?

Money Answers all things. One of my uncle's said a man without money is like a man without sense. Because, even if you are making sense and you don't have money to back it up it will look useless. One of my favorite nigeria musicians said '' if you don't have money, hind your face''

IMG_20170828_075203_256.jpgYou don't need money to make money... All you need is divine revelation and creativity. Don't sit at home waiting for a miracle to come knocking at your door without you doing anything that will attract one.

IMG_20180312_091053_162.jpg Hey! Don't stop reading, I'm actually talking to you. Yes! You. There is always room for improvement. There is a step ahead of you. Don't stop because you have made some millions in your account. You where created to be a multi-millionaire. So, don't stop because you have gotten a few millions in naira when you are supposed to be talking in pounds.

Screenshot_2018-03-10-07-17-12.pngHowever, before you can have access to a treasure chest, you need to have the key. It is the key that will open the door of treasure to you.

IMG_20180208_123953_836.jpgWhat do you have passion for? What can you do? The world is in short supply of problem solvers. Why not decide to be one? Why not start doing that which you love in a small way? You can not build a house by starting from the roof. You need a foundation! What do people know you for? Hold on! Let me ask you. Do you know yourself? Are you sure you can define yourself without thinking twice?

Remember, what you say you are, that is what you will definitely become one day. Confess possibilities into you life. Because what you say is what you get.

IMG_20180312_091005_489.jpgNever ever give up. That's not your nature.

Remember, anything is possible!


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