Cooking with twigs part 3

in #life4 years ago

Ok! If you have read any of my posts you will know that I have some instinctual enjoyment of wood burning to cook food. Here we are camping on top of a Mesa on the northern Chihuahua desert. We are using the same biolite stove as before but now we are burning creosote. Not the kind you find in your chimney but the actual bush Larrea tridentata. It burns crazy good! However the coating that preserves the plants water reserves makes an oily, wait.... creosote coating on hot dogs so beware!(use a cooking pot.)C2A9C54F-764A-4333-A5A7-CE2980DF5789.jpeg2DA52C95-2A86-437B-A1DA-A0F62A7111A8.jpeg2C04DEE9-F34B-49E6-9AE0-A9CC714DF115.jpeg720497A5-19E8-4A97-9958-48B60E1E67E5.jpeg41EF97F8-B7F4-40E1-8A99-FB0314DE3F8D.jpeg2AEBEAC0-D24E-4DD4-AFA6-AD0BAE0C9341.jpeg


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