Size matters!!!!

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It’s about time that this debate came up..... again5952692C-050B-48A0-A0D9-FD0D71C2B9BD.jpeg

What would happen if you wanted to drink a beer but didn’t want it pouring all over your beard?7DFA4E78-BED5-416E-8D6E-B88266FF3712.jpeg

I love sardines,pilchards, octopus, smoked oysters and love the cans! Now it turns out that people are making beer cans that way....5A665099-13A1-46BB-9F65-7DC92448B156.jpeg

I dare say a few of you will see the features and benefits of this? Ergonomics anyone?



I feel like I would get a lot more on my moustache with that.