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I have previously helped others with hospital bills through my earnings here, but this is beyond what I can handle alone.

It started as a hole in his mandible, months later, he noticed a pimple-like growth on his face. He went to a dentist that remove one of his tooth, from there it started growing bigger till this extent.

His name is Anayo ugwuaba isaac, from obollo eke, in udenu l.g.a of Enugu state, Nigeria, an orphan.

He graduated from Enugu state University of Science and technology(Esut) from department of applied biochemistry(2004/2008) sets. 

He's having this health challenge that has made his life misreable(reoccurring Ameloblastoma ). It started since 2009, he has had 2 unsuccessful surgeries. He was operated in 2010 at university of Nigeria teaching hospital (UNTH) by Dr Mgbokwere, 2nd surgery was in 2012 at Attah memorial hospital aku, by Prof Attah.

Presently he's in UAE for his medical procedures,  but on getting to the hospital  (NMC Hospital Dubai ) a new CT scan was carried out and it revealed how bad the tumor has damaged a whole lot in his body. It has affected the spine, eroded the skull, affected the eye sucket and has damaged the entire lower mandible and it's extending to the upper mandible. 

He will need the service of a neuro surgeon, maxiloficial surgeon and plastic surgeon to be good again. And it will take amount in the region of 175,000dhm, which is 50,000USD equivalent to take care of it.

The doctor in charge is Dr Bushan, a maxiloficial surgeon at NMC hospital. His mobile number is +971567184255 for confirmation.

That's him before tragedy struck 

As some of you may have noticed, I've not been very active as I used to be here. That's due to health and psychological issues. However, after reading this young man's story on facebook, I couldn't help, but wish we could join him in the battle for survival.

I logged in to my facebook account this morning and saw a post from my friend asking for funds to help a young man undergo surgery. When I read that post, I noticed that this young man lived very close to my street before he travelled to UAE in search of medical solution. 

Well-meaning Nigerians raised the fund to help him sustain his life this far, but the economic recession in the country has caused so much hardship on the people that many can only make very little donations.

I contacted him and asked him to do a video which will help authenticate the story more. But it's unfortunate that his speech has also been imperred by this gruesome illnesses. 

You can personally meet him on his facebook account here. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003517485288&ref=content_filter

Steemit has always been the hope of the hopeless in this part of the world. It will be awesome and worthy if we can do one more time what this awesome community is known for. 

Any little contribution will be appreciated. 

Your Upvotes, Resteem and Donations will go a long way to help another person live. Please don't ignore it. 

100% of this post payout will be sent to him as donation.

All donations will be transferred to him in Steemit's name.

Personal donations are made through his GoFundMe account. https://www.gofundme.com/please-save-anayo-isaac

You can also send bitcoin donations to this wallet. 14Wzu4hVhQiTLMjsWJ5y9uDUF3vZseccGo

Steem and SBD donations will be appreciated as well.

Please let's join hands to save a life.

Thanks as you participate in this humanitarian activity.


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@ogoowinner, this is a very good information, I will help in contributing the 5SBD I won in the steem-lagos contest yesterday........ Right now I am transferring it to your wallet.

I'm most grateful. Thanks very much.

@stellabelle will be very proud!
i think we need a steemit hospital ship! it can fund itself through steemit posts of the crew , it can be manned by african steemit users, we can also have land hospitals we should sponsor traveling hospital trucks and trailers
we should really fund a hospital using steemit! it could be steemit hospital where everyone gets wifi and a steemit laptop to post from haha or a smartphone! use steemconnect to get a patient on steem fast and show them how they can post to steemit from their hospital bed,

i bet we could really do a lot of with healthcare when we realize how people are very willing to help donate for other people's healthcare costs after they realize that when Steemit saves a life that person will probably use steemit for the rest of their life out of gratitude!

But also the media story will be big! imagine how people will see steemit after we build hospitals! I bet we could do it! I bet it would work

Most unfortunate! Thanks for the good work. Resteemed and upvoted. Oh what can I do?! God! I thinks mounting a Facebook campaign will do more. The strategy to use is to ask people to donate N500 to a Special account.

From my analysis, he will be needing approximately N18. 5million naira. If 40000 people can donate N500 each, that will give N20 million Naira. This approach will be best.

Every of his relatives should mount a Facebook campaign using these recipes. People will support the cause.

I will get this post a minnowbooster token worth 5 steem dollars


I made a mistake. Instead of filling in @minnowbooster, I filled in @ogoowinner. So dear, the money came into your pulse directly. I thought using the bot would have raised it a bit. All the same, may God bless you for this selfless campaign


Thank you very much for the tips and good suggestion. I'll pass the message across.

I'm very grateful @eurogee.

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@Ogoowinner you did a good thing raising some funds for him. Seeing when people wants to help makes me very happy. Pls what account can donation be made to?

He has his Nigerian bank account details on his facebook timeline.

Thanks for the interest to help.

Ok. Will check it out.

I ask that the Lord perfect his health and grant him all-round wholeness in Jesus wonderful name. Great job @ogoowinner

that was great to know you did a great job !! hat's off !!

This breaks my heart, seeing a fellow African suffer from a disease of this nature is sad. In my own little way, i'll try to help.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks you @steemit-virus.

Just donated 7sbd.
7 in theomatics means perfection and completness. We have 7 lampstand in Revelation chapter 4, which is the 7 complete and perfect Spirit of God. I choose to send 7sbd because of it's Spiritual meaning.
Whenever 7 is introduce into any situation, you have the full complete Spirit of God present to perfect the situation.
I pray and decree in the mighty name of Jesus, that God will have mercy on him and perfect his health in Jesus powerful name. Amen.

God Bless! I hope others will help with this man's plight. Thank you for volunteering. 🐓🐓

Thanks for your kind words

This is a great course to humanitarian service you brought up. I upvoted and I will resteem.

Thank you @turpsy.

This is sad. I'll give an upvote. Not a whale though.

Resteemed, upvotes, in any case that we. Find ourselves, the ability to help out is of great value.

Life isn't all about making money, if you can touch a life, help a soul, then that should be done.

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good luck with the post

Upvoted and resteemed... Let's save lives

Chai!! I wish I can do more. I've transfered 5SBD towards this course. I know it's little, but if everyone that upvotes this post contributes 5SBD, the bill will be paid

@lemmybe got you a $1.25 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Such a nice cause you brought to us. As a human rights activitist , i must take this post long way. I resteemed it and also will let know other where possible .

From my experience, i know people will come forward who have wish and wealth. I have been promoting my charity via @schoolforsdg4 and many people write posts like you to raise fund for the charity school . I hope he will get cure and will be as nice as he was.

Thanks very much. Please if you need more information let me know.

I'm grateful.

Upvoted and resteemed, may God perfect his healing.

So touching.....what a selfless effort by @ogoowinner, more grace to you. I've upvoted and resteemed, but I still need further direction on how I can send some SBD, thanks.

Thank you for your support @ogoowinner

Upvoted and resteemed. Will send my contribution. A very good initiative. Please what is his account details in case one wants to send the donation in Naira?

Thanks very much. That's nice of you.

We will all do our best. Best one can enjoy oj this earth is helping another . will help soon

I'm upvoting and resteeming. You don't know what you have until you lose it.

Thank God for people with milk of godliness flowing in their veins like @ogoowinner. I will chk out his fb account for his Naira account. We shall put prayers on. Keep the steem high.

I just upvoted and resteemed.. I will also want to donate some sbd.. I'm quite new on steemit can u assist me with ur sbd account no. I don't were to get it.

I have upvoted and resteemed the post, @ogoowinner can i send the SBD to your wallet? Such a good course you're doing, God bless you and stretch his healing hands upon him. 🙏🙏🙏

I do not any money in my wallet for now, but I think resteeming the post for visibility is my own way of helping out.


what a nice action on your part @ogoowinner to help others, to do a good work, a pleasure meet your blog, thanks for sharing that information , I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! :)

Thanks for reading.

that beautiful my beautiful friend I really love, a greeting @materialprivao

I promoted the post in steemit chat I hope it helps! Also upvoted, resteemed and followed

Thanks very much. I appreciate.

Waw this is saddening.
@ogoowinner, I wish to send about 2SBD to you as my support. How can I do that please?

Moreso I have Upvoted and Resteemed this post as part of my support.

Thanks. Go to your wallet, click on transfer, then fill in every information there. The account you are transferring to should be ogoowinner.

Thanks so much.

100% upvote of 70 cents for you!

I see a trend here with this man and @cryptopie we can help man many people get to their goals for medical costs,

we could even buy a Floating hospital like a hospital ship we can sail around the world using steemit to fund it! have internet from satellite on the hospital ship and have everyone blog from the steemit hospital ship and it could fund itself from steemit!!!

this is good initiative.
thanks for sharing
any sbd gotten now will be sent to you
upvoted and reesteemed