A day for me, myself and I

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Most people only focus on making other people happy. Some times you have to do something good for yourself.
Everyone need to learn to love themselves. We need to do good favors to our self.
Do some self maintenance. Do things you like, treat yourself with good food and things you like to do.
So here is my attempt, of a day for me, myself and I.


I love to drive Tesla, you all know that by now. :P


No charging at home? Make the best of it. You should think positive on everything.
Life is better when you focus on the positive things than the negative.
Charging in the nearby train station is free. And I have to walk home.
With the amazing summer weather comes another benefit of nature.
So free electricity, free exercise, free fresh air, free nature experience.


"Brief a little more". Me and my friend, my car. We look cool together.
Someone in my family said I fit blue, blue sun glasses and car is nice combination.


When it is that warm you can walk in shorts and t shirt in Norway, that is magic!


So green. Everywhere. You can see the parking house for Rosenholm Campus.
Rosenholm Campus is where IBM in Norway was renting office space before.
I was working there as an apprentice for computer and electronics engineer.
Recently they moved location to Oslo.


Green grass, green trees, yellow flowers. What a beautiful view.


Popular walking place. Especially for dog owners.
This is near where I live. It is called "Søndre Aas Gård".
It is an open farm where children can come and see the animals.
They also have horse riding school.


More of the walking paths near Søndre Aas Gård.
I do not have count how many times I walked and bicycled here.


A small shortcut for walking. Well, some times I go with bicycle, crazy me, but only down.


I love watermelon. Not hard to see. Typical me, cant stop eating it.


Treated myself with chocolate ice cream. Because its summer.


I removed all the dead flowers from the year before. Progress towards a clean balcony.


All the pots have been cleaned.


I love Aloe Vera. I have kept him for a long time. Now he is lucky to be outside.
Second plant, called "ildtopp" is also very nice. It nearly always blooms.
Really, I am surprised with that plant, it has flowers all summer long.


A surprise from my grandma. She said it dont like much sun.
So perfect to keep inside. Flowers make you better mood.


I made avocado with sour cream, stevia, salt, lemon, pepper.
Mix with shrimps and sweet peppers. Delicious.


A steak. Dexter style. The tv show. You know, just fried steak and nothing more.
I fried it on the grill. This steak we call "sommerkotelett" in Norwegian.


Mango for desert. One of my favorite fruits. I love it.
This one was very sweet and delicious.


The best is when you cut it like dices and you push the skin like this.
And you eat it like this. Piece by piece. Delicious.


While eating steak dexter style for dinner and mango for desert.
I watched The Walking Dead. I love this TV show.
I did not watch it for a while so I am catching up.


the flower is very suitable to fill the room or yard and food and fruit mango is very tasty.
Have a nice day @olsm.

WOW, I love fruits!!! Those mangoes look sumptuous.

I love those walking paths, I can imagine the photo shoot that I would do in that location.

I believe that it is good to spend sometime by yourself, Definitely a time to enjoy your own company and reflect on life!!!

Have you ever been to Africa?

Who stops you from coming and taking a photoshoot? Go ahead.

I have been to South Africa two times on family travel. Beautiful country.


Funny enough, I checked airfare from Nigeria to Norway. I will wait a while till you can get some more money in my account!


Great weather, looks like the summer is officially started.

Yes, you and your friend (your car) are looking cool and in my opinion your family is saying right, blue suits on you and great to hear about the free recharge plus great time spent in nature and day is reflecting really pleasant with amazing and breathtaking greenery. And i really agree with you on subject of self maintenance because if you can satisfy yourself, then you can make happy others. And we know that you love TESLA, Ha ha. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you, and you are welcome.

Welcome. 🙂

Very awesome photography .
@olsm .
You right we ignore our own needs in making others happy .
We have also some need also want ti be happy and enjoy the life too .
But some time sacrifing our need make other happy so its also a part of life to make other happy and give them there happiness instead of our own

Thanks. True words!

Looks like you had the day off your life. Judging from the pictures it seems you had a wonderful time. It's important to do everything you can for your friends and family but it's equally important to give yourself a good time and a good life.
I love the greenery all around , looks beautiful. You look absolutely great too.

True, and thanks for the nice words.

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Everyone need to learn to love themselves. We need to do good favors to our self.


I thought your car is an electric car hehehe...

@olsm, You had a great day. And yes, I also watch Walking Dead.