Got the balcony cleaned with a little help

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Impulsively, on a day together with a girl I have been dating, we cleaned my balcony. She was very kind and helpful, I very much appreciated that. Of course, we help each other, like it should be. I paid for food on the door one day and made dinner two days. She made dinner one day. I pick her up one time and drive her home two times. She helped me with cleaning balcony and a little cleaning in the home.


It looks amazing now. So tidy and clean. Ready for lots of summer enjoyment. It was very nice to get all the garbage away and get space for everything. The hammock, the chairs and table, and sun chairs.


Some more close up of the hammock and eating section.


What a beautiful eating section. With some plant decoration too.


Perfect place for the hammock. For itself and with the table next to it to put drinks.


Close up of the sun chairs, can be adjusted so you are laying.
They are actually black color, phone camera fail.


The hammock is perfect for some daily rest.


I can relax with phone, laptop, a book, or even close my eyes and relax to the birds singing.


i think she is so pretty...
looks so neat & clean your balcony, chair. matched you so much

@olsm amazing .
You are so lucky to having a partner like this .
Any one need a support you have it . take care of her and enjoy your life .
The balcony is look cool now . keep enjoy summer .
Best of luck

Give and take sort of thing. Lol.
I think it's pretty good that both of you do their part, which is good too see.
Anyways if this is your home, then I might say it's wonderful. Love the balcony too.
Enjoy each other's company

There's nothing better than taking a nap in a hammock.

I like the little table set up with the plant near by. I think I would hang out there and work on the computer if I had that balcony. And cheers for getting motivated to clean. That is a big issue for me.

Great to see the partnership both of yo have and you both are helping each other and now your balcony literally reflecting awesome and it's admirable too. For sure, now you are ready for the enjoyment of the summer and i wish both of you an great day and i hope and wish that you will enjoy the summer. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Very nice balcony you have there! And the girl, she's definitely a keeper! All the best for your relationship @olsm!

Cheers from Prague ;)