High intensive exercise with electric bicycle and first bath

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Electric bicycle is so much fun. Did you think you cannot exercise? Think again. The best thing with an electric bicycle is the possibility to chose anything. You can chose to ride in dress and come to a party with not a drop or sweat. Or you can chose to bicycle in just bicycle pants and topless and bare legs, and sweat like a pig. It is all customizable. You can chose how much help from the engine at any time or how hard you want to push yourself. Even uphill you can chose to have medium or low intense if you want. There is no excuse not to exercise with an electric bicycle, whatever your choice. Now, let me prove to you that you can do high intensitive exercise with an alectric bicycle. Now I am a litle speed crazy. So I like to run the engine as fast as it goes and push myself to go even faster. So much fun. More speed. Longer distance. Same exercise result. More fun!


I took a high intensitive bicycle ride a couple days ago. It is so nice with a smartwatch that show me statistics about the exercise. I managed to do 14 minutes peak pulse, which means high intensity. 6 minutes was medium intense and 11 minutes low intense. Really good ride. I pushed myself hard.


Tracking of the ride with pone. I had a very good average speed. The bicycle engine only hekp up to the limit i set at about 27 km/h.


After the ride I stopped at the beach "Hvervenbukta". It is a very beautiful beach. I like to find a place for myself where it is more beautiful nature, instead of being on the beach among tons of other people. Oh man did the water feel amazing. Little cold to first go out but when you finally dip your body it feels amazing to cool down on such a warm day and after a high intensity bicycle ride. I was laying there on my back for some minutes before I went up and decided to go to home.


Yeah. I was trying all kinds of things to get two pictures in portrait but they ended up in landscape no matter what... And now I cannot upload one of the pictures anymore as I keep getting this error: Image upload : Error: [object Object]


Great, I imagine that the faster I pedal, the faster I can retire. - Cycling is for everyone.

What do you mean the faster you can retire? Retire what?

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.
You can upload the image by taking the screenshot and then crop that image and after that upload it.

Crop how? You mean to make white space on left and right side of the image? Or just crop it into landscape by cutting out part of the top and bottom (which I dont want)? Or do you mean it will be good even if I crop it just little bit? Thing is now it dont let me upload nothing from my computer after I tried alot.

I agree with you, this is an excellent exercise, actually you won't feel that you are exercising because biking itself is fun. So basically you are just having fun with the benefit of making your obtain an excellent health.

Exactly. It is really fun feeling that powerful. You feel like a drugged Arnold Schwarzenegger hehe. The speed is so much fun you step extra hard to go even faster. Like you say, you dont feel it that much when it is that much fun, then it is much easier to exercise.

That looks like a nice bike (the real one).

It is a very nice bike. I love it. I have had it for many years and did nearly all the maintenance myself. I also converted it to electric bicycle a couple years ago. It was cheaper and I ended up with a better engine and battery than what I would have gotten from buying an electric bicycle. And this mountain bike was perfect for the conversion because it is nice for all weather and both summer and winter riding.

Fitness is the core of a happy life.
To live a happy long life you must be fit.
Great work dude, cardio is the best exercise.

Well, if peak (high intense), cardio (medium intense) or fat burn (low intense) is the best, is discussable. It depends in your situation. If you have little time for exercise, do cardio, or if you want to be the most effective, do peak. Or if you prefer you can walk 10 thousand steps which could take 1.5-2 hours if you prefer. But any of these gives the same outcome. So depends what is your priorities, time, and what you like.

What is that app that you have used to monitor.

Good question. I have a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch that does the monitoring. This is the fitbit app that shows the reports from the watch.

So cool and fun to read these words, electric bicycle is sounding as an gym itself and all your stats reflecting you really pushed hard and i think you really had sportive time because whenever we do something intense physical activities it always give something sense of achievement essence. And this beach is so beautiful brother and have different essence because usually we get the sandy essence when we think about the beach but this one have rocky essence. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

For sure. This beach has everything. Sand, rocks, and cliffs. You can chose what you want in this beach and just go there.

Great to know that. 🙂

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

The best thing with an electric bicycle is the possibility to chose anything.
It should be to choose instead of to chose.

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