The working poor

in #life4 years ago

I though I would continue my blog on the homeless and touch a bit in the working poor. I saw this same woman twice this week sleeping at two different banks in NYC in the very early evening hours. Seems to me like she is part of our cities working poor. The working poor have jobs and can ofteb aafford everything neccesary ie: food clothing and transportation ..but not housing. She is shown here with her brief case and hand bag. I have beeb fortunate enough to have been placed in a housing program this past week. I moved from city shelter to a efficiency studio. It wasnt easy living in the shelter system but it was worth it to now have a place to call home. I hope this woman will find the same opportunity in the near future. It is 20 degrees in NYC and the night can be brutal. Pictures of my new home coming soon20171208_202518.jpg20171208_202513.jpg20171210_204247.jpg