Living in the night

in #life3 years ago

First thought of the day

My morning coffee today is at 2pm, because I’m only waking up, so it’s a morning for me. Bright summer nights have kept me up until 6am, and shown me incredible things that I would have otherwise missed.

I always wonder how the world is to someone that regularly sleeps at night-time. Interesting things happen durings the night; some exciting, some scary, some heartbreakingly beautiful. I wouldn’t want to miss any of those, some of which have been life changing. I feel like every emotion is more intense at night-time, in contrast to all the people that calmly sleep through it.

One could argue that I miss out on the things that happen during the day, if that is when I sleep. It’s a valid point, but I like to change it up, regular schedules have never been my thing. I do tend to lean more on the night owl side. I like the calm and quiet of the night, when the city slows down and the streets are empty of people. Only animals, and a few of my kind are awake and doing their own thing.

Are you a night owl, or an early bird?

Enjoy your day!

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