The road ahead got me thinking today

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First thought of the day

Just woke up and immediately I moved my ass to the beanmachine. Lit up a cigarette and got back in my chair. Skipping breakfast? Sure, why not. I'm checking the markets and they seem to go towards the green, but I expect another drawback coming up. No need to stress, but I reckon that at some points you don't really know what to do anymore when you're investing in Crypto. My advice: HODL or buy the dip. Blockchain technology is a huge improvement in the world of mankind, where manipulation and corruption is currently a leading problem. How big? We can't even imagine. Justice, fairness, equality and make a change as one global voice is what Blockchain Technology means to me. That being said, on the STEEM Blockchain, there are so many things that you can do to benefit not only yourself but how you can help others grow. But in order to do something, you need a good amount of money. Money that is currently in the hands of selfish governments.

I'm a dreamer, I sometimes wish I could do something good for other people, but I know I do not have the financial capacity to do so. And let's be honest: everyone wants freedom. Luckily for all of us: Steemit is a place where you can reach that goal with the right set of brain. "Steemit works on Proof of Brain" - @Ned. Talking about using brains, we are looking forward to seeing working SMT's on this blockchain when the time comes. It will change the world as we know it.

So, how are we going to achieve freedom? And what will we do when we reach that freedom? Maybe we will come up with a genius idea. There are some projects we would like to support. Alright Steemians, that's it for today.

Enjoy your day!

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