The way of living : A philosophical view

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In the last nearly two centuries, revolutionary innovations at the scientific and technological level have resulted in revolutionary changes in the way humans live. Today, humans are touching the Moon and Mars, while on the other hand, the depth of the ocean is also being measured.


There has been a difference of high magnitude in the lifestyle of past and present, so the human being is ready to fly higher from now on. As a result of the above mentioned revolutionary changes, while the material comforts of man have increased a lot, his family life as well as social life has been affected.

Family relationships are falling apart, tensions are increasing at the social level and humans are becoming lonely in a competitive environment. As a result crime and suicides are increasing. Fights are increasing between parents and children. Childhood is being affected due to stress and conflict environment. Likewise, old age is becoming difficult. All this is happening at a time where humans are flagging their successes even in the sky, land and soil.

If the life between birth and death is not happy despite all the physical comforts, then what is the benefit of these facilities too. If a person wins, he has to maintain human relationships. If the relationship breaks down or falls short, then the joy of living life will be said. The fragrance of the flower of life will be blown away due to the lack or breakdown of the relationship, then life will remain like a paper flower.

Relationships in life will be felt only when there will be a positive fragrant air in the family and society, which will bring out the human life as well as his family and society. If your thinking towards children is positive and understanding their feelings, you will respect them and give time to the children, then only your old age will be relaxed and there will be less conflict and tension in the society too. In order to show your attitude towards children, I am presenting two subjects in front of you.

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