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RE: The life that lies within

in #life4 years ago

Good eye on the cow poo being flatter, fellow cow poo expert.
Perhaps the cow's drops from a higher point, hence the flatter patties? Different diet also... too many veggies makes for more liquid poops? I'm liking this new investigation.


Must be the vegetarian diet vs the carnivorous one producing a type 1 poo for our, is it a dinosour? I conclude that even if it was lying down, it was still a high point compared to that of a cow😂🤣😁😃😅🤣😂
Seriously xoxo

Can animals poop lying down? Hhhmmmm... this calls for investigation number 2 (see what i did there? i did that on purpose. its genius)

I concur I concur but they do get old, don't they?
Seriously we need a life lolsss

Poops get old yes. And fossilize.
No time to lolssss my dear Imma...This is a topic of the utmost importance. We are solving the riddles of life. Humanity needs us.

Riddles of life, the universe and pigs will fly!

They might... Investigation #3?

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