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The question of luck can be very controversial. Recently, a good friend of mine and I had a discussion. He seem to believe that nothing in this world happens by chance, that every action, every decision contributes in its own way to making us who we are. He argued that all human beings were equally lucky and that no one was luckier than the other. He believed that life was mathematical, or if you like scientific, and that if someone pursued a particular path and becomes successful, following those exact rules, any other person should be able to achieve success. He noted that most successful people had certain things in common, it could be a trait, an attitude or even an ideology. Equally, people who are considered failures also have several things in common.

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I understood where he was coming from and honestly agreed with most of his assertions. But I did not hesitate to point out something I find very crucial as far as this subject matter is concerned. Sometimes life can be a gamble, a lottery or if you would prefer, a chance, with things happening outside of our control, things we can not make input to. I illustrated this point by using the scenario below. Assuming two people bought tickets to travel by bus to a nearby city. Half way through the journey, the bus is involved in an accident. One of the two passengers die and the other survives. In this example, you will realize that neither of the travelers had any input to make in the outcome of that journey. One was probably just lucky enough to be seated at a favorable spot. 

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In the end, we have to agree that whiles our destinies may be in our own hands, there are equally invisible hands, hands of chance, of luck and of faith that affects our lives. The most important thing is, do not fold your arms and assume that some one is more luckier than you. If the situation is within your control, then you create your own luck and you shape your own destiny.

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no luck! it's distribution of probabilities!
and how smart are people when they encounter a chance.

the problem is some people argue the luck with justice.
GOD (if exists) creation, evolution, nature whatever you see in charge of the universe, has not promised anyone with justice.

Great point. But if you don't mind my asking, what do you think luck is?

the sequence of probabilities

imagine a gambler wins 10% of his hands
it doesn't mean if he play 10 times, he will win 1 one them,
maybe his first 90 hands are losing and then 10 winning in a row!

but if he wins the first hand and doubles the money, we will say it was luck!

yes... he may win first 10 hands and leave the table!

So in other words, if the sequence of probabilities favours a person, we can say he is lucky?
I ask because, these sequence of probabilities you talk about is completely out of our control. You and I do not get to decide when and how it occurs. Sometimes, it's in our favour, other times, it's not.
LUCK can be defined as "something that happens to someone by chance, a chance occurrence, especially a favourable one"
So you may call it distribution of probabilities, another person may call it luck, but in the end, you are all talking about the same thing.

yes it is out of our control
what we can manage (and not control) is our response to any possible sequence of possible probability. this is how sciences like finance and economy figured. money management for example.

in large numbers, in the end, the chance would be same for almost everyone.

if it's considered really large number, I believe the chance is equal for everyone (not almost!)

Chance is a matter of science. but luck is a fictional phenomena our minds made up. it was easier to explain luck rather than chance and distribution of probabilities to our ancestors, so they preferred to believe that.

these are mostly my thoughts, not facts :)

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Perhaps this "luck" is simply a by-product of putting oneself into many opportunistic situations by working hard and maintaining an awareness for when these opportunity appear? This would in fact increase our "probability" of catching some "luck". Then we just need to capitalize when these "lucky" opportunities arise.

So I agree, it boils down to being dependent on a little of both luck and hard work!

Great topic, thanks

My opinion is that, what we see as luck is an outcome of our positive vibrations in the past, there has been an antecedent leading to our present situation.

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