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It is said that the key to every successful magical performance is distraction. The ability of the performer to distract the audience, get them to focus on one thing whiles he/she is doing something entirely different. I did experience this first hand this morning. I usually pick a Taxi from my place to work every morning, today however, I stood by the roadside for about 15 minutes but couldn't find a Taxi. Since I was running late, I decided to pick a Tricycle which also operates on the same route. 

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So half way down the journey, the driver made a stop and a young man, I believe in his late 20's, joined the Vehicle. He sat on my right hand side and as the driver begun to move, he dropped some coins on the floor of the Tricycle. He then bent down, as if to pick up the coins on the floor, little did I know that it was just a distraction. While picking his coins, the young man then asked me for time, I reached into my left side pocket, where I had my phone, so I could read him the time. Well, as it turned out, he did not need the time at all. While I was reaching out for my phone, this guy had been searching my right back pocket all along. 

Lucky for him, I had 50 Ghana Cedis in that pocket. I soon as he took this money, he pretended he had recognized a friend on the pedestrian side of the road and immediately told the driver he would be alighting there, we had barely moved a 100 meters from where he joined the Tricycle. I had not realized I was robbed until I reached my destination, reached into my pocket to pay the driver, only to realize I had no money on me anymore.  I was very much surprised because I remembered vividly putting some money into my right back pocket as I left the house. But when I replayed the events that had occurred that morning in my head, it became apparent that I had just been robbed.  

A Tricycle

Fortunately for me, the driver was a very kind and understanding young man, he told me it was Ok if I didn't have any more money to pay and that I could go. Whiles I am very saddened by this incident, for some reason, I am also impressed by the level and extent of professionalism and deceit the young man orchestrated, lol. Anyways, I have learnt my lessons from this experience, the next time I use public transportation, I know exactly how to handle my money.   

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Sorry man. I guess these are the situations that greatly contribute to our life lessons pack.

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