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There is an old saying that if you want God to laugh, tell him your plans. This saying suggests that a greater percentage of the plans we make are not entirely within our control. Day in day out, we make plans, some come to pass, others, not so much. But what we don't often realize is the fact that our plans are just a tiny component of a master plan-one that God has made for each of us. Of course that does not in any way suggest that we sit aloof, fold our arms and watch on. What this means is, we need to be conscious of the limitations of our very existence. That is why in making plans, it is essential to consider what one may call a contingency (unforeseen occurrences that could potentially affect our plans), but even then, we can only anticipate as far as our imaginations would permit us. Imagine a young man, working so hard to save some monies so as to buy himself a car. As far as he knows, he's pouring in all that sweat just to make life easier for himself. How can he anticipate that, that very car is going to be involved in an accident the day after he buys it, and that, this car, is in essence the means to the very end of his life??? 

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Sometimes, all we can do is to have faith, faith that everything has happened for the best, and that things could have been worse. Certain things will continue to happen, things we can not understand, at least not at the time they are happening. Bad things will happen to good people and bad people will get away with bad deeds. Life will break us at certain precise places, at particular times and into unique fragments that will make absolutely no sense to us. But then the years go by, and we meet certain people who have been broken at places, complimentary to ours, and then, the pieces begin to fit together and at this point, it all becomes so clear to us. 

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Or better still, our scars become ladders for others to climb in the pursuit of their dreams. The world is just but one giant puzzle, with pieces scattered along time. At each point in our existence, a piece is revealed to us, at the time, it may just be a mystery. But when the time is right, the pieces come together and then the picture becomes, at once, clear to us. What I can say is this, nothing happens by chance in life, so whiles you make your plans, remember the master plan.     

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It's true that our plan may seem to follow a zigzag pattern that may makes us doubt it, but when you look back one day and connect the pieces, you'll soon realize it was part of the Master Plan that God had laid for us.

Life changes at seasons, depending on the season you find yourself.

Have only 1 thing to say : "There are NO ACCIDENTS in Life."

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