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They say that when the last tree dies, the last man dies as well. What a lot of people do not recognize is the scientific significance of this saying. You see, besides the fruits, medicine, shade, rubber and fuel that trees provides mankind, they also play a key role in producing the oxygen we breath in while absorbing the carbon dioxide we breath out as waste. People think that the earth belongs to us, but instead, we belong to it. Nature is beautiful and key to our very survival. I still remember those days, when I will lay back during the evenings just to stare at the moon and stars. Or when I will take a walk along the village paths just to catch some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of the environment.

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Unfortunately, today, man has destroyed and continues to destroy most of what nature had given us. We have succeeded in depleting the ozone layer and made the earth vulnerable to what we now describe as global warming. We have polluted our own water bodies, forced many marine lives into extinction and things don't seem to be getting better with many more industries springing up. I always maintained that if left unregulated, humans will eventually be our own undoing. It's about time we took environmental protection seriously. So, the next time you are about to dump refuse into a water body, pause for a minute and ask yourself, is this the world I want to live behind for my children? 

Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans. (Evo Morales)

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We have less time to think about environment. There is no harm to cut trees if required, but we are reluctant to plant the same. Here is the problem. Nature has already started to take the revenge with global warming. It is high time to think about the environment to save the earth for our next generation.

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I recently read a quote which i will paraphrase as; "If we were to be given a tablet or 1 year addition to our lives for every tree we plant, all humans wont even bother to cut them down. But its too bad we only get oxygen from plants." In real sense oxygen is life and we keep throwing it away by cutting trees down. Its a pure satire and we should be ashamed for not figuring and applying this simple knowledge. We indeed belong to mother earth.

Exactly the point, some people don't know, others dont just care. Either ways, it's unfortunate.

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Spot On!!
Instead of using technology to build Robots to understand Human Emotions, we need to use it for safeguarding our environment and plan better future.

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