Life is short and sometimes it starts to happen faster

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It should happen to more than one that memories come from when you were a child as if they had happened yesterday.
Moments with people who are no longer between us and others with whom we still have at our side.
They say life is short, it's true, but there are times when our life seems to accelerate too much, so much so that one looks for the brake to stop it or at least slow down. I've noticed this especially since I'm a dad. The time one dedicates to their children makes everything happen so fast that sometimes it seems that for every blink of our eyes months and months will pass.


You don't have time to do what you like, and I don't want to sound selfish with this because we know there is nothing more beautiful in life than being a father or mother, and spending time with our children.
You know, when we see our children in the eye when talking to them, how many of you feel the tears begin to emerge while we feel that sense of pride, to see them grow, fast, happy.
I didn't think life was so short until I was a dad. I don't want everything to happen quickly. I need some slow motion. I enjoy them, but everything happens very fast.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love my children, Camio and Eva, and that I would like to be with them always at all times. And I will be, I know, with mistakes and successes but that is better than not being.


Thanks for reading people, I just needed to write what I feel and surely many of you will have the same.
If some of you know that button on the remote control press to slow down the life that tells me which.

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We can spend time with our children missing very little if we resolve to be creative.