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RE: Natural Beauty Hacks | For Men & Women

in #life4 years ago

Interesting tips!! Does that mascara one actually work though? Doesn't it smudge out during sleeping..? I imagine with all the oils it stays mushy and doesn't dry.

The salt in my hair part sounds weird too! I wonder if it makes your hair smell salty? :)


I have more dry hair and it doesnt grease easily so I havent test it by myself but it maybe tastes a little like salt but doesnt smell like it :)

You should normally wait 5-10 minutes after brushing the lash mixture onto your lashes. It doesnt need to dry, it´s just like oil in your hair. It will dry over night but if you apply a gentle amount you wont have any problems. Just dont put too much product on the lashes.

I'll try it! I go through mascara like no tomorrow, so I have a ton of near-empty bottles... can't be bothered to scrape all of it out.. I get impatient and grab a fresh bottle instead! Maybe this way, the near empty bottles don't have to go to waste!

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