Doing Good.

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So, I'm slowly trying to get back to writing. With so many tribes popping out recently, I'm just trying to play catch-up. But h ere's a short one I'm thinking about tonight. I hope it connotes proper meaning to someone.


Doing good deeds leaves one with arguably the best feelings in the world. You feel alive and responsible for yourself and the happiness of the people closest to you, no matter how momentarily it might have been. And why it matters is not because of the laurels we might get, or the public recognition. Rather, it's about humans simply being humans towards one another.

The concept of Karma seem to be approved and accepted by a lot of people worldwide. You keep doing good and someday, your good deeds will eventually run over and find you. You do evil and somehow, you get it right back. Paraphrasing what a renowned writer once said; "The only law life respects is the boomerang effect"

This is a great motivator to being good to people; being good for prenotioned incentives in the future. However, perhaps it isn't the only way to look at it. After all, life itself isn't exactly a boomerang. It's full of too much uncertainties and unbalance to be a perfect boomerang. Also, It doesn't come back when it's gone. Perhaps a more stellar approach to living would be to do all the good you can do anyways, regardless of who's watching or what's to come. There's no greater honour.