Pull Your Own Weight.

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Who are we, really? are we contributors or spectators. Are we all givers or takers? Do we prefer to sit by the sidelines and enjoy the benefits, or we'd rather figure out ways to show our support?

Life is not a cakewalk, even though it might seem that way for some young people born with silver spoons. Yet sooner or later, growing up makes everyone realize that the stars won't always align without hard work.

Pull your own weight.

Pulling one's own weight is a simple principle that involves making decisions, acting on those decisions, and accepting the consequences of those decisions on your own. It means being less-dependent on friends and family, and getting around to finding a voice and creating a social presence. This principle can be extrapolated to other aspects of life too. Like a relationship quote would say; If you're not pulling your own weight, he/she deserves better.

Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty. If you're going to function and contribute to society, avoid being pushed around and, in effect, get anything worth mentioning done, you'll have to get to work;
Pull your own weight!


I totally agree, especially Nigeria girls need to learn how be able to handle themselves, take care and responsibility of themselves.
Preach Groot Preach!

Honoured by your readership on here.

Love this! Such a realtalk written in a powerful way!
Love the way you have with words!

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