Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

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Everyone does it. Especially when it comes to important events such as meeting new people, starting the first day at the new job, or going out on a new date. We want to impress people, to earn their respect and make a lasting good impression.

It's alright to come off as energetic and enthusiastic at first. But it's even more important to be yourself while at it. This is because it takes a lot more to sustain the standard you would have set for yourself from the beginning than it would take to raise that standard over time. It won't be a problem sustaining it if you were being true to yourself from the beginning.

To thy own self be true. -- William Shakespeare.

I don't think I can truly express this thought in a few words. And perhaps you'll do a better job at explaining if you think about it.

If you're going to give life your best shot, be sure your best is all you've ever been and is all you plan to be. You can only improve from there. Put your best foot forward, every time.


Always a good idea, but it does take courage