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It looked like some sort of slimy placenta or something!

So, what in the world is it then? That's the fun part, and also the potentially dangerous part...


That large slimy thing that @mama-pepper just pulled out of the tea is a kombucha scoby, also known as a "mother" or "mushroom." It's not really a mushroom but is actually a mixture of bacteria and yeasts that can produce an impressive antibiotic. Because of all the health benefits, kombucha and homemade kombucha are on the rise.

The finished kombucha is basically fermented sweet tea, and we think that it tastes delicious. Not only is it an interesting and tasty drink, but those health benefits are enticing. It can help the digestion process and boost the immune system... It can help detoxify your body and assist in the prevention of cancer... It can reduce inflammation and help manage diabetes... Or so they claim anyway. (1) 2


While @mama-pepper is the one who actually makes our batches, I can still provide you with the basic. As far as I know, three main ingredients exist:

  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Scoby

The teas and sugar are common enough but that scoby may be a little more difficult to get your hands on. Fortunately, you can order a kombucha scoby or starter kit online, which makes things much easier for many people, or you could find someone who makes their own kombucha.

Much like many things, the scoby in kombucha grows and grows over time. This means that any kombucha brewer should have some to give away or sell eventually. Ours was gifted to us by @provider and his family. If you obtain a scoby before you are fully ready for it, you can freeze it quickly to keep it for later.

Once the tea is made and the sugar is added, it's time to add the scoby. Again, @mama-pepper knows the details, but it seems to need to be in a warm dark location to fully turn the sweet tea into kombucha.

This is where the potentially dangerous part comes in. Unfortunately various spores in the air could find their way into the kombucha and contaminate the culture. If the culture becomes contaminated, the kombucha could becomes deadly. This has been the word on the street for years. In my research I could only find one death back in 1995 that was most likely caused by kombucha related health complications. I'm not trying to downplay it, since death is death, but I also did not want to share about kombucha without at least mentioning this possibility.


Besides the potential downside mentioned above (death) making your own kombucha at home is a trend that has been gaining popularity here in the States for years. I think the first time we encountered anyone making kombucha at home was @snowpea, back in Wisconsin many years ago.

Personally, I like to drink kombucha. I appreciate the flavor and I like the benefits. However, purchasing it can become expensive. Often bottle of it will cost between $2.50 and $4 USD. Since I could easily drink a couple bottles a day, that could add up to be an expensive habit rather quickly.

When I compare the cost to making it at home, I no longer have to feel guilty about draining the wallet to treat myself to this wonderful drink! Now, we've got plenty laying around and more on the way. Not only do I appreciate the opportunity to make our own at home, but I'm super blessed to have my loving wife @mama-pepper at my side putting in all of the effort to make our kombucha!

Have any of you ever tried kombucha? Did you like it? If so, do you drink it regularly? Have you ever made your own? (I've seen at least a couple posts on steemit by people making their own.)

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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We LOVED making our kombucha... had 6 gallons growing at one time.
We did a 2nd ferment with frozen and fresh fruits... YUMMO!!!


Oo have you done a post about that second pic? I’d love to read about it!

I can if you would like one? @hebrewhousewife

Yes! I’m thinking of trying this out this summer and I’d love to add flavors.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing, it looks amazing!

yum yum lookin

Glad it worked for you! We go threw a gallon a week! Talk to you soon ! Love you bro!

The scobys can get really thick the longer you use it. I use to make a strawberry Kombucha but i was the only one that would drink it around here. Good Luck!

All my people enjoy it!

I have been hearing a lot about Kombucha, but I have never tried it. Guess I need to see about making my own and trying it! Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

Kombucha, that's an interesting name.
You really have interesting types of food over there.
We have eko' though made of maize and guinea corn.
Fermented foods are healthy and good for cure of dental cavities .

Ive bever seen this one here in Philippines ..

@papa-pepper, am a great lover of tea, especially a good one like this. wish i could make and try this though. I don't think i can find the recipe here. So sad!!!!!! :(

I've made kombucha for years, it is a tasty beverage! I've never been patient enough to get it to that perfect fizzy state after second ferment though, do you guys do that?

Kombucha :D
Looks like a Chinese dish :D

Man, with all these organic food and antibiotics, I think you're gonna live for 200 years!

LOL - We will see.

"We"? I'll be dead by then. xD

Kombucha is originated from Korea, I think, if not mistaken. My native country. I like the taste too.

The invention of new dish does anymore for human happiness, what opening of new star. Pleased me to you post-modernism, successes to you and successes

Kombucha, Scoby.

These are new terms to me, let me google them to get extra info and if I can find it in my country

Very cool knowledge thanks for sharing @papa-pepper

My exemplary blogger! Everything you do here comes with an uncommon uniqueness. If you have a blogging school, honestly I would enroll to learn from you.

If the culture becomes contaminated, the kombucha could becomes deadly.

Please be careful o. Steemit won't be fun without someone like you.

Have any of you ever tried kombucha?

Honestly, I have no idea of what it is. Maybe I know but with a different local name here. I will certainly figure it out and try it out.

@eurogee of @euronation & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

I have been giving this thought for a long time. I love sweet tea, and the thought of fermenting it is appealing!

We tried kombucha for the first time this summer. It was a Kevita kombucha with ginger and lemon (I think that was the flavor). I really enjoyed it a lot, probably because I've already been drinking something made with cider vinegar, lemon juice and sparkling water for potential kidney issues during pregnancy. My husband, on the other hand, drank about half the bottle and then threw up a few hours later. Since he was immediately fine afterward and no one else got sick, we have the suspicion that his digestion was not exactly fine with that level of probiotics and prebiotics. Whatever the case, it's made us a little wary since then!

we dont have kombucha in africa, so i have never tried it.


I've not heard of kombucha, but they look tasty and as you said beneficial too. Gotta read more about it. Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper!

It look just like placenta. Hahaha

Yeah, I've seen enough of them to know.

We have a bottle of that stuff sitting in the back of the fridge. I’m afraid to try it at this point!

Welcome to "kombucha" and anything else that is considered healthy

mmmmmm you HAVE to try passionfruit kombucha! It is my favorite flavor to make!!! (strawberry is delish too! ) One time i put some blackberry kombucha into a Grolsch bottle.... I know better than to shake it!!! But.... on this particular day hahahaha - there was all this blackberry sediment on the bottom - so i swirled it. (i thought it was a gentle swirl)

I barely TOUCHED the top of that bottle and BOOM! i'm not kidding - it sounded like a gunshot! blackberry kombucha - over every surface in my kitchen (including dripping off the ceiling)

WHAT A MESS!!!!!! lesson learned hehehe

I had one blow in my hand in the store! Crazy stuff, thankfully no lacerations!

seriously!!!! that could have been dangerous! I'm so thankful that it was only my kitchen that got "bloodied" LOL geez louise! LOL

I tried to get hip to it but every time I drank one it just made me burp a lot.

@skymaiden makes it all the time. If you seal the bottles up nice and tight as it ferments it creates bubbles, so when you open it it is like champagne.

And if you don't leave enough room in the bottle for the bubbles, the bottles explode like grenades.... a 2 o'clock in the morning!

You can also flavour it as well. Add some fruit juice to it to get different flavours. But not cinnamon. That tends to kill it very dead :-)

I actually had one blow up in my hand in the store once! Man, was that a surprise!

Woah! That would be too freaky! When they explode they do it with a bunch of force too. You're lucky to still have your hand attached!

Oh! That's awesome my mom also makes kombucha! ♥ it tastes very good.♥

Interesting to hear these health benefits from some fermented sweet tea. So it has some alchohol content right?

It can have trace amounts of alcohol, yes.

I make it all the time! I also simplify my life by not doing any secondary fermentation on it. I just let it culture in its crock, remove enough starter for the next batch and the scoby, and then pour the kombucha into glass containers. Then I add mulling spice in tea bags. I put the scoby and starter in the fridge until I want to brew more. Otherwise the stuff takes over my life!

I love having enough kombucha to use it as the liquid in smoothies. Otherwise the stuff would be far too expensive. That might be the biggest perk to making it.

Very cool! I love that idea. It would be too expensive for us too to enjoy as often as we would like.

I've never heard of kombucha and so I asked my in-laws and they don't know it either. I'm curious Papa coz when it comes to health benefits I want my in-laws to have it or try it. Dad loves tea and it's so interesting. I show him what it looks like when I searched in net. We check on shop or online for that. Need to read more. Thank you!

Yeah, check online and read more and see what you think. We really like it.

Fermentation is a a way our ancestors preserved food with no preservatives. Live long and prosper.

That's right! Healthy stuff!

Living in the backwater of Nicaragua, we don't see it often and I don't remember ever tasting kombucha, but I find it intriguing. It looks simple enough to make and not that expensive to try out, so I am very tempted...

Another reason why I like Steem, there is always something new on here to learn about.
I had never heard about kombucha, but will ask Uncle Google and see where I can get some.
Thanks Papa

Yeah, check with Uncle Google. We really like it!

I want to try this sometime, but I don't know if I would trust myself to make something that can be deadly without someone teaching me how to do it first. Eventually we will make it out your way, maybe when we do I can get mama-pepper to teach me how to make it.

Is Kombucha really sweet? I like ice tea but don't like it really sweet.

It's got an edge to it, it'd kind of vinegary and not exactly sweet. It'd say tangy.

It definitely looks alive lol. Jellyfish! I've never heard of that kind of tea before. How do you preserve the "mushroom"? Dry it out and turn it into powder?

You keep it in a jar of "starter tea" between batches :)

Ah. Thanks. I might have to try this someday. It looks interesting!

really usful for all person good tea for peoples likes to you