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Their is a proverb,"Distance grass is always green." I realize it very much in my life. My income is around thirty thousand tk. But all of my family members think that he need not any house rent, what his expenses? My parents, relatives, friends want more co-operations. Now I want to tell my needs. My wife,me and my only daughter stay together. My daughter is only two years. I expense for her (buying diapers, clothes, medicine and food items) about ten thousand tk. My wife expenses (for buying clothes,medicine, trip and restaurants) about five thousand tk. Basic permanent cost (electricity bill, internet bill,milk bill, and food expenses) about ten thousand tk. and rest five thousand tk for personal expenses and helping others. Still now I have no deposit. this is the situation.
It is not only for me but also the picture of most of the boys of Bangladesh. Honestly I want to earning more for my parents and for my well wishers.
For being refreshing myself I shared it on this platform.
Thanks everybody and support me.


Yeah, out here the saying is “the grass is always greener on the other side!” Or pasture! Well you made it to the right place, looks like you need to work one more job to save up some tks for crypto and you’ll be set!