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life springs pleasant surprises no matter what your sate of mind is . I fathomed my sixties to be a down hill journey from an active life to one filled with negatives. Old age ,anonimity, boredom were the watchwords that occupied my mind and time for almost a year before i touched the dreaded number.
The year on year advent of christmas and new year did nothing to uplift my spirits.
Colleagues who once discussed work shifted their focus to 'how i would spend my time in the future.

then came the D day---- my 60th birthday which too would passby uneventfully .
Here is the WOW moments that have thrilled me
and i look back with a sense of everlasting gratitude to life and friendship. My friends and colleagues had all gather at my doorstep with 60 big red roses celebrating not just my 60 but more importantly remindng me that the past is linked to the future


👍🏼 for your encouragement. Mean to go long till 80+ with support from my son and the likes of you

Nice post. Good to see someone at your age adopting new technologies. I hope you have a great time om Steemit.

Share some of your photos if you like.

Great content, keep going!

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