Memory Archive: A Matter of Choice and. . . . . Choice

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Graduation days are coming. Many students are moving to college soon. Not aware of the new adventur waiting for them to be conquered. And all the possibilities that can change their career in life forever. And always wonder what is in their mind while choosing their professions that can be life changing for these kids.

Why am I talking about this?

It's because I have a story to tell. It's something weird and something that can give you a hint or an idea to be really wise on what profession do you really like and you will most likely choose.

But before that I'll ask you few questions that can be answered by just a Yes or No.

Do you like spending Holidays somewhere else?

Do you prefer spending Christmas and New Year's Eve with your family?

How about family gatherings? Re-unions? Birthdays? And Special occasions? Are you the type that's always present in all these kinds of events? If yes then you have to be wise on choosing what course it will be.

But when you answered them with a mix yes and no then there's still a chance for you and if all are mostly no? Then all I can say is - You are in good hands because you can choose whatever you want.

Let me set myself as an example. I am a Cook. A Patisserie Agent. All in all I'm a Hotelier. I work at a Hotel with a 24/7 house operations. What advantages does it give me? Double pay on Special Holidays. Disadvantages? Be my guest and read this properly.

Working six or five times a week is fine but working at a day when you are supposed to be having a nice day off was hell. Like seriously woman? How did that happen? Well for us it happens a lot when one of the staffs calls out and can't be attending work that day because of an emergency or whatsoever and decided to call out for duty and you are the only one available that time to pitch in and take over. Like seriously?????? Oh there's this one time that you have to work even when your name on the schedule was labeled as "on vacation"??? Oh please don't blame someone if he or she becomes grumpy or bitchy when that happens. And you want to know what can be worse than that? It's when you don't get to attend family events, Birthdays, Christmas and New Year's Eve Celebrations on time because you need to go overtime because guest and walking in your restaurants to celebrate you. And they should probably understand it even if they were expecting you to be on time because of the Profession you choose to be in. Not to forget about still getting ready for work even when you have a flu because that doesn't give you the excuse not to be present on busy days.

That's life. That's your choice. You need to get used to it. And probably your efforts will get paid off. It's just a matter of Choice and Choice actually.

Just be sure of what you want, don't regret it, love it and probably you'll enjoy it even with the sacrifices you have to make so that you won't end up staying in college for more than the years it's supposed to be.

And you would probably ask why did I say all those things? Am I discouraging you? No. I am saying those things because I want to give you a head start. This is my chosen Profession. My frustrations will never beat the passion I have for being a Hotelier.

And that goes the same for you too. If it's one thing that you really want, then be ready with the consequences it has to give you. But if you prefer being the practical one? And enjoying holidays? Then here's my advice. Whatever you choose don't regret it. Love it.



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