Drizzle your City

in #life4 years ago


I see your creeping creeps
on the face of shabby vegetable sellers and porters
bumping into melodic bargaining
and the young girl's cries
whose hips were pinched by rough men
we are further away
and you still like strange

drizzle your city so blue
You know the rows of trees
often make a love drunk poet
when the tinkling of the darts darts dying
calling his name

female women market as far as night
never saturated my longing for you
fishy fish smell, savory jinggo rice, saturated hands
a blind beggar, and a vegetable seller's breast halves
becoming a warmer blend in my coffee cup

you're sweet if you frown
women on the corner
a time will sell his body
because the stomach is bitten hungry
and face ask for cosmetics polished
prices continue to soar
and the shameless old king
stell in power
silly promises increasingly fill the airspace

drizzle your town suddenly gray
the cursed man was busy crafting cunning tactics
which will destroy itself
drizzle your city gray, sweetheart.

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