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Since time to time humans has learned to control time.
Today is December first and we have less than a month to reach 2019.
Last year crypto was crazy and prices were high.
Not the same this time around.
I do not personally have any interest in any days or years.
New Years celebration means nothing to me.
It is just another day.
Just for the sake of control and planning I do recall dates.

Another way of remembering what happened and understand humans behavior.
It is legit to recap how things were since we have short memory.
If you recall bitcoin came out in 2009 but now it is 2018 and soon 2019.
We know more about cryptocurrency and we see the value it brings.
Glad if you are in the sphere make sure you grow your knowledge and make sure whatever you do invest what you are not afraid to lose.
INVESTMENT IS RISK and opportunity to earn is greatly appreciated.
Let’s hope Btc grows and #steem Better days.

Crypto is the new digital fiat.
Advise for all steemians.
Upvote, post and comment.
Push for all steem Dapps
Let’s do what we do best
Keep on postin

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Useful post. I updated as I have no enough sp.Wish you a happy Christmas. resteemed.

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Nice post and hopefully the CRYPTOCURRENCY go up soon pray JEHOVAH IN JESUS CHRIST NAME about it

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